Rose`s Kitchen Starter Kits

In food we get energy and happiness. My favourite.

◇”Super Me Adapter” – Just came from China and ready for new adventures, I am like the adapter, which is adaptive and flexible, using the energy to do some exciting stuffs. Long time ago, I perceived “supreme” wrongly as “super me”, which is a lovely mistake: super me, super brilliant. I put them together to show I am going to be a super nice adapter.

◇”Magic Pot” – We can put everything into the pot and it will pay us back with magical food. Like wise,  I am also not a picky-eater,I like everything and want to put things in my head as much as possible, I am always on the way of doing magical things.

◇”Chicken Leg Power” – I was intending to use chicken legs to express a sense of executive, motivated, but it was very frozen. That is okay, it can still have a meaning that I am READY to work executively.

◇”Love Happy Cola” – The Chinese character “囍” is usually used on weddings, it means “double happiness”, and I think it is doubled because of love. “Love” is what I am pursuing and respecting. Also Cola means “worth to be happy” in Chinese. This combination means love, happy and optimistic.

◇”Sweet Cream” – Cream is warm and lovely, me and my work should be like that.

◇”Angry Chili” – However, the world is not always warm and lovely, we need to keep alert, sharp, and have the right to be angry, and do things not just catering to the strong ones.

I tried many media and learned lots of skills of visual arts, but I am not specialized at each one of them. So I just put out my personal characteristics that may facilitate my work. Still, I shall keep learning to fill and sharpen my starter kits.

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