Kyle’s Carrier Bag

This is my Carrier Bag and I want to use this to introduce myself.

A Tree

This is a cypress tree I bought at IKEA, and I want it to be my companion for the next 15 months. When I graduate, I want to plant it near LCC. When I return to China, it will still be in London, just like I am.

A Speaker

I like listening to music, so I bought a portable speaker. It has a hook, so I can hang it anywhere, so I can listen to music anytime and anywhere, but its voice is very loud. Try not to use it in public places.

A Clipper

I had checked online before I came to London that it was expensive to get a haircut in London, so I bought a clipper. I want to cut my own hair so I can save money. Although I’ve never cut my own hair, and there’s a good chance it will go bad, it’s been an interesting experience, isn’t it?

A Stabilizer

I like to take photos and videos to document my life, so I bought foldable Stabilizer which makes my videos less shaky and more fluent. I often share my photos and videos with my family and friends, because they have never been to London before and are eager to see the sights of London. It’s a great way for family and friends to bond.

A Spray

I have severe allergies. When I have allergies, I sneeze all the time and have a runny nose, and I can’t sleep well at night. The spray I bought works so well that it helps relieve my allergies. I highly recommend it to people who have allergic rhinitis like I do.

A Cooking Shovel

I missed Chinese food so much when I came to London that I decided to cook it myself. If anyone wants to learn how to cook Chinese food, you are welcome to talk to me and I will be happy to teach you.

Niu’s carrier bag

Courage, comfort and practicality are the three criteria that I need in my designs. In my view, they are also three elements related to sustainability.

Camera -The camera helps me to record my life and discover the details of life, the details can give me new inspiration.

Thermos – Every Chinese can accept hot water, there is nothing that drinking more hot water cannot solve. Anything can be done, if you think about how to do it.

Alcohol pad – They can give me a great sense of comfort and make me more willing to contact with the world now.

Kelluyy’s – Kelluyy’s can give me energy throughout the day, especially when there is no time to eat.

Earplugs – Earplugs allow me to be completely immersed in my world.

Bracelet – This is a very important thing for me, ages of 12 times are very special for us in China, they are magical and difficult years, in which I need to wear jewelry with red and gold. Do not be afraid to fail and it will be fine.

Notebooks – Writing it down will be more authentic, and easier to achieve than recording it on an electronic device.

Glasses – When without them my world is a blur, even muted.

Amulets – I prayed for them at the temple before I came to London. This trip was not in my original plan, but it was very meaningful to me. In the future, there will be a lot of unplanned developments and new ideas to try. I hope my amulets will bring good luck.

Hat – it makes me feel invisible and gain a great sense of security when I wear it. I’m wondering invisible things are more sustainable.

Sunsets – I think sunrises and sunsets are gifts from nature to human, but without any payment. Should we pay for all the free services provided by nature when they are being destroyed?

Five pounds – It’s hard to imagine that when I arrived in London with only five pounds. I think it likes social innovation, do not care about what you have, to imagine what you can do.

Rijul Narwal

Hey everyone. I am Rijul Narwal from India. For my carrier bag, I have chosen a museum as I feel it is a metaphor that reflects my bag to a great extent.

In the image, you can see that I have tried to recreate a museum corner. On the left are the ‘permanent collection pieces’ that I carry around with me. These include my love for meeting new people and learning about their cultures, my passion for travelling around the globe and my keen interest in sports. The eye at the centre is a reflection of my observant nature. On the left, I have all the new and exciting things that London and the future hold for me, the ‘upcoming artists’. This includes new adventures, friends and memories. I want to approach this chapter of my life intentionally and cannot wait to start this journey with you all. 

The orange poster reflects my thoughts from our first class together, ‘looks like we made it’. It is a statement that unifies us; to me, it stands for making it into this course, and perhaps into the world next year!

Sumaia Alsaeed

Self-portrait through objects.

I identify as a designer seeking interdisciplinary collaboration. I am most enthusiastic in environments that put my skills to the test, spark my curiosity and motivate me to wonder. 

All this considered, I realize I still have so much more ahead to learn and discover. My brand-new black UAL tote bag is my carrier bag represinting beginnings. Soon, it will be filled with all the experiences and memories of my master’s journey in London that has just begun.

Michael Wright

My carrier bag consists of a digital collage showing elements of my life, practice and values as well as a nod towards a future I hope to one day see. 

In the top right you see the elements of my personal life; my cat, Maple, represents my safety at home in Northampton, the burger represents my vegan lifestyle and the record shows my love of music and collecting vinyl with the football and Eric Cantona signifies my love of football as well as football culture and how it is representing in class structure, music and fashion. 

The top left of my ‘carrier bag’ is an image of a printing squeegee alongside a MacBook signifying my love for both analogue and digital design. I believe you can be innovative with both and they are not mutually exclusive, often working together in my practice. 

Finally, the bottom right, as well as the image of the earth, serve as a visual representation of how I see the world now – increasingly divided and influenced by capitalism and elitism. I see this personified in politicians like Boris Johnson. 

The bottom left shows my want for a more inclusive, connected world. The old trade union slogan ‘Unity is Strength’ resonates with me, both in how I value a multi cultural society and in my belief in the importance of collaboration. 

Nati’s carrier bag

My past, present and future fill my bag. Everything that I had lived and done, every decision I make and what difference I want to generate, are all part of my story. 

-The two little jars:  represent my roots and seeds, where I was born and grew (Bogotá-Colombia) and remind me the importance of being grateful of where I came.

-The red bracelet represents the union of love, trust, respect, support, fun,  and friendship with my brother. 

-The picture represents my family. The most important thing in my life, reminds me the importance of union, love, support, perseverant, passion, confidence and knowing that wherever I go, they are there.

-The eye bracelet represents my friends, especially the ones that are already gone, reminds me the importance of life, of enjoying each second and each person you have.

-The flowers and the background (a natural fabric), represents the importance of environment in my life, what really drives me is to help others, I wish to become a designer that works for good causes and have a lasting impact in the world: Tolerance, Human rights, Environment, Equality.

-The book, represents my future, my dreams, experiences, learnings, and surprises life is going to bring me, I am still searching and discovering my path as a designer and human being, is still unwritten. 

Capri’s Carrier Bag and Start Kit

Hey, this is Capri, a suitcase girl who is dreamed of exploring the world and trying everything new.

Look! On the top left, an adorable polar bear and she are crawling with their bellies low to the ground. On the Africa continent, she walks abreast with a massive bull elephant holding her notebook that records exciting stories that happened between her and this region. Going up to the top right, you will see the suitcase girl is climbing. She excitingly shouts, “I’m on the top of the mountain!” On the bottom, that girl is swimming with a whale in the vast and endless ocean.

The girl is also me. I regard myself as an open suitcase, an inclusive container because I hope that I can always be on the way open-mindedly to practice in different fields, absorb the diverse culture and understand the unique social contexts that build up multiple opinions.

Of course, some essential tools in my “suitcase body” support me to start exploration at any time:

# A pair of shoes and that is quite comfortable can take me anyway.

# Eyes. My treasure is to observe the world.

# A notebook. The tool of record and self-reflection.

# One bottle. Help me stay energetic.