Niu’s carrier bag

Courage, comfort and practicality are the three criteria that I need in my designs. In my view, they are also three elements related to sustainability.

Camera -The camera helps me to record my life and discover the details of life, the details can give me new inspiration.

Thermos – Every Chinese can accept hot water, there is nothing that drinking more hot water cannot solve. Anything can be done, if you think about how to do it.

Alcohol pad – They can give me a great sense of comfort and make me more willing to contact with the world now.

Kelluyy’s – Kelluyy’s can give me energy throughout the day, especially when there is no time to eat.

Earplugs – Earplugs allow me to be completely immersed in my world.

Bracelet – This is a very important thing for me, ages of 12 times are very special for us in China, they are magical and difficult years, in which I need to wear jewelry with red and gold. Do not be afraid to fail and it will be fine.

Notebooks – Writing it down will be more authentic, and easier to achieve than recording it on an electronic device.

Glasses – When without them my world is a blur, even muted.

Amulets – I prayed for them at the temple before I came to London. This trip was not in my original plan, but it was very meaningful to me. In the future, there will be a lot of unplanned developments and new ideas to try. I hope my amulets will bring good luck.

Hat – it makes me feel invisible and gain a great sense of security when I wear it. I’m wondering invisible things are more sustainable.

Sunsets – I think sunrises and sunsets are gifts from nature to human, but without any payment. Should we pay for all the free services provided by nature when they are being destroyed?

Five pounds – It’s hard to imagine that when I arrived in London with only five pounds. I think it likes social innovation, do not care about what you have, to imagine what you can do.

Austin’s starter kit

Hi,I’m Yinfeng Qiu:

My bag contains many electronic devices because they help me to communicate more effectively and they are also my design tools.

#iPad My iPad and Apple pencil help me to work paperlessly and I can record my ideas conveniently.

#Bottle The Chinese proverb “half a bottle of water wobbles” is a constant reminder to me to stay thirsty and keep learning.

# Hard disk We need to keep learning, accumulating and storing knowledge.

#Converters It is a converter of knowledge and helps me to learn and integrate knowledge from different regions.

#Lego Learning is like Lego, there are many different components and materials that need to be put together and perfected over and over again.

#Pencil case Stationery is the medium through which we express ourselves and share our ideas.

#Screwdrivers I like to study the structure and materials of products and a screwdriver helps me to take apart and reorganise my knowledge.

#Books Books can help us to understand the views and knowledge of others.

#Powerback It helps me to keep my energy up at all times and not lose touch with the world.

#Earphones We should keep listening.

#Ties Ties can help us to summarise and sort out the relationships between different things.

#Gamepad Life is like a game, you need to constantly overcome difficulties and upgrade yourself.

#Sunglasses Even if there is blinding sunlight, we still need to stay awake and see the essence of things.