Austin’s starter kit

Hi,I’m Yinfeng Qiu:

My bag contains many electronic devices because they help me to communicate more effectively and they are also my design tools.

#iPad My iPad and Apple pencil help me to work paperlessly and I can record my ideas conveniently.

#Bottle The Chinese proverb “half a bottle of water wobbles” is a constant reminder to me to stay thirsty and keep learning.

# Hard disk We need to keep learning, accumulating and storing knowledge.

#Converters It is a converter of knowledge and helps me to learn and integrate knowledge from different regions.

#Lego Learning is like Lego, there are many different components and materials that need to be put together and perfected over and over again.

#Pencil case Stationery is the medium through which we express ourselves and share our ideas.

#Screwdrivers I like to study the structure and materials of products and a screwdriver helps me to take apart and reorganise my knowledge.

#Books Books can help us to understand the views and knowledge of others.

#Powerback It helps me to keep my energy up at all times and not lose touch with the world.

#Earphones We should keep listening.

#Ties Ties can help us to summarise and sort out the relationships between different things.

#Gamepad Life is like a game, you need to constantly overcome difficulties and upgrade yourself.

#Sunglasses Even if there is blinding sunlight, we still need to stay awake and see the essence of things.

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