Welcome to the Future Ocean—Jessy & JING

On April 13, 2020, a cabinet meeting of the Japanese government officially decided to discharge millions of tons of nuclear sewage stored in the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the sea in 2023.

A large amount of nuclear waste water has caused a large number of genetic mutations in marine organisms. Coupled with natural selection, a new self-aware species, the murloc, has finally been formed 1000 years later.

Human beings have drastically reduced their power through civil wars, natural disasters, viruses and other forms. Murlocs took the opportunity to defeat humans and become the new world hegemon.

In the world 1000 years later, social hierarchy is strictly divided. Murlocs are the first level, and humans are inferior people ruled by murlocs. Therefore, in the future vegetable market, the types of items that murlocs and humans can purchase and the purchase area are strictly divided and controlled. Murlocs and humans have different identity certificates, which can be seen by anyone at a glance. Human beings must bow to the noble murloc in any area.

The salesperson will adopt different attitudes based on the customer’s identity certificate. This leads the audience to think about the current human attitudes towards other races.

After visiting the future market, we will guide the audience into Area 2: Back to reality.

In this area, we set up a popular science exhibition about the sustainable development goals for marine protection set by the United Nations, the status quo of the marine environment, the destruction of the ocean by humans, the impact of nuclear wastewater discharge in Japan, and the prospects for future marine protection.

We hope that the audience will have some thoughts when they return to reality to see the current state of the ocean after visiting the FUTURE MARKET.

At the end of the exhibition, we set up a dummy to sit at the exit. We placed different colors of spray paint and markers beside the dummy. The audience can freely choose to use these tools to paint on the dummy at will. We want to design the final image of this dummy together with all the visitors who visit our exhibition, in order to express our reflection on the current marine environmental protection and resonance with other species.

Helen – Starter Kit

Hi, I’m Helen. 

My starter kit includes this drawing, which I think represents me well. First, its simplicity, because I live by a minimalist philosophy. The different branches that split off from one point are a symbol of complexity that surrounds my life, in which I perpetually moved to different places – being born in Germany, grown up in France and having lived in Holland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, now adding England to the list. It also depicts the outreach of options I get from having made a particular choice and the experiences I thereby gained on the way. 

The bag is, because I pack them almost every 6 months. 

My laptop is one of the few things that accompany me everywhere, when I move away. It almost stores my entire life, keeping very little in paper-form nor carrying a lot of personal items for practicality’s sake; it’s also my professional life. 

My ipod is my favourite travel companion. I listen to Audio-books and podcast whilst being on a journey or on the way, keeping me informed and updated about the world and the things I’m passionate about. 

Plants: They keep my room fresh, remind me of my green home-town and prop my desire to protect our nature and our planet. 

Cheese: If there is one thing that I bring along, that would be cheese. Sounding like a stereotypical French, I truly cannot live without a good strong cheese. It has become a tradition to have ‘Raclette’ with my friends, which I bring from France, and they are the best memories. 

Graphics: At last, the start of a series of graphics, in which I try to depict current societal or environmental issues as a manner of bringing awareness, and which sparked me to start this course.

Lucille’s Starterkit

I divided my starter kit into two sections:
On the left side, I portray skills, knowledge and characteristics that I possess and express which I feel might be useful to me and others in this course. On the right, I portray stuff that helped me get here as they have helped me function to the best of my abilities up unto this point. I decided to express all these things via drawings because that in itself is one of the core skills I am bringing to the course. In the following abstracts, I will explain the symbolism and function behind each element in a clockwise direction.

1 + 2 + 3 = 6
With this, I am portraying my ability to create intersectional and holistic concepts from a variety of different sources. This is one of my core strengths and also one of the main reason why I am excited to work on MA SISF, as I feel like the whole course is designed to work with this ability.

Without my medication, I would not be able to attend this course.

Sketchbook + Pencils
Drawing and art, in general, help me to both quickly express ideas in a design environment and are useful for me to take my mind off things, recharge and express myself.

The passport is used as a metaphor for the privileges I hold, that allow me to be in the position that I am in.

… are useful to me because they help me disconnect from real world issues for a while and allow me to reset my mental state. I also find that they can be a great source of inspiration and an important tool for teaching that transcendes language barriers.

Building on the final point I made in ‘Games’, I believe that storytelling is not only a great way of getting ideas and concepts across but also helps with teaching others about the significance of the topic. This sort of teaching allows them to relate to the story. You can find varying amounts of storytelling in a lot of my previous projects.

DIY + Anarchism + Collectivism
These are all philosophies that are integral to me as a designer. Both DIY and Anarchism inherent an important portion of self-empowerment rhetorics paired with the idea that one doesn’t need to ask for anyone’s allowance to start bettering the world or even just one’s own circumstances.
Collectivism then provides the additional factors of learning through others, working together, and progressing through others having different and important skills that help with achieving things that no single person would have been capable of.

Notebook + Digital Toolkit
Definitely one of the more practical sections. With this, I am trying to portray my skillset as well as my way of working. I am proficient at most of the Adobe CC programs and also some other software like Maya. Working digitally on shared documents and projects is something I have a lot of experience with.

Is the core reason of why we all are here. After all, why try to create a better world if you don’t believe that change is possible?

Hello, My Name is Marie

My name is Marie. I was born in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic. I always have been a very creative and curious child. I was that type of kid who got kicked out from Sunday school for asking way too many questions. I loved founding out more about the world we live in and questioning why does it have to this way? Like why all dolls in the toy stores have been made with the same skin colour? Why do I have to eat meat when the animals are my friends?

My kid’s imagination creativity and passion for the world around was a good foundation for me to become a person who I am. I believe that design, especially when we design together, is an essential human expression that will help us all towards a more sustainable future.

Questioning the world around us and coming up with different solutions helps me until today to fulfil my desire to contribute to a greater societal good, using design to instigate change.

Jessy’s Starter Kit

Many of the topics I have done before are around technology, and around modern life, exploring people’s lifestyles in modern society, and the impact of technology on us. So this one of my starter kits.

Technology has brought us convenience, but it has also lost part of our creativity. After that, I want to explore more about nature, so I can temporarily put down my phone and computer to create.

· Hudy and Buzz – It symbolizes bravery and courage, which can make my future design no longer in my comfort zone and create more novel designs.

· Freitag – My favorite bag brand, it uses waste truck covers for reprocessing. The materials used in the manufacturing process are all recyclable secondary materials, so my future designs want to return to the essence of our lives and discover more valuable things in life.

· Books – I like to design with strong colors. In the past, I used more visual methods to design. In the future, I want to try different design methods and expressions.

· Bottle – Use colorful candy as soil to breed plants. It represents the colors I like, and I want to learn knowledge and understand the cultures of different parts of the world. The bottle contains some of my own expectations, such as courage, creativity, etc., Leaves are a species unique to northern China. In future designs, I also want to incorporate Chinese culture.






Dear no matter who,

This is a drift bottle from 2750. When you read this letter, I hope this terrible era has passed. Maybe 200 years later? Or 1000 years. No matter who you are or where you come from, I sincerely hope that you can keep reading. This letter may help you to uncover many secrets about the earth’s past and the present. 

I am a human from the spiritual ice age. You can call me Tim, and I am a researcher working in a temperature institute. Although I don’t know when this terrible period end and how long I will be allowed to live, I want to record what I know. It would be best if our research and speculation succeed. That would be a great pity if we have not survived from the revenge of the earth and my sincere hope is that someone will discover this letter and use our experience as a warning.

Due to humans used to exploit the earth’s resources frantically for material interests, we touched the earth’s immune system.  So, the spiritual ice age has arrived, that is a colourless cold world! Various disasters, unknown viruses, and wars have made human life more difficult. Not only that, but interpersonal relationships have also become tenser. People scramble frantically for resources to survive because no one knows when the next disaster will come. Selfishness and sensitivity flood our lives. On the whole, It is a cold age without friends, sharing, and love. 

To keep the earth alive, the government secretly convened a group of people who adhere to temperature established a temperature research institute. Yes, include me. Our main job is to study “social temperature”. In response to the current problem, we have established a temperature signal station to change human genes and promote human evolution. Then, the cold human has evolved sense T besides five senses. Surprisingly, this research is moving more quickly than was expected. So far, we have discovered five types of abilities. They can feel the social temperature between people, people and animals, people and plants, people and machines, and even the earth. Capable persons certainly have abilities, but they also have huge responsibilities. 

In the beginning, most of the first evolved people only gained the ability between people. Many people are getting together since their new abilities. Not only that, but many people also started to communicate under the leadership of capable people, and they even became friends.

Then human also significantly reduce the killing and felling because they can sense the temperature of animals and plants. After all, nobody can kill a life who likes them. 

Not only that but the resource wasteful behaviour has also been significantly reduced. Sense T gets people reflection this behaviour. Why human can discard them unilaterally, we never think about their mood. 

With continuous evolution, some capable person can even feel the signal from the earth. This discovery rekindled new hope for the future of the earth. To save our home, those capable people use their power to warn humans to reduce the behaviour of destroying the earth and strive to repair the problems that have occurred.

In effect, only those who have maintained the love in the spiritual ice age can be evolved and live longer than before. Instead, indifferent people will gradually perish. This a filtering mechanism of the earth? Although there is no definitive answer, I still looking forward to the future, I wonder what will the earth look like when each of us can sense temperature. It must be very cool!

It’s so exciting that as the research deepened, we discovered a fantastic secret that some colours are inside the ice! This is because the earth becomes more and more personal, and human also beings full of love so that the social temperature increased. Therefore, these colours hidden inside the ice were finally discovered by humans. I will always believe that the day will come sooner or later the world regained its rainbow of colours as if nothing had ever happened.

Well, so that’s it for today! I am feeling too cold to write well. I hope that you already live in a whole new world with colours and warm. You will have some friends, family members, a kitten or a puppy, some beautiful flowers and plants on your balcony, and a rainbow in the sky after the rain. . . . .

Kind regards


Children born on Mars. What rights do they have on Earth?

2035, NASA, ESA, and Musk have successfully managed to colonise Mars with a population growth of 6,000.

Martian education is focusing on Religious Experience (RE) studies, as there are very limited things in common with other earthling norms, (wild life, different seasons, socialising with other animals). Children on Mars will have permanent conditions such as Down’s Syndrome and Autism; could we make reasonable adjustments to the way that their classes are being taught?

Visiting Earth for the first time will be a social or civilization shock; will they feel uncomfortable, having no identity or empathy towards their Earthling relatives? This could cause great disaffection. Medical health care is free on Mars. Where some countries will have to charge for health, this could create unrest within the community.

Children with breathing problems would need a cleaner environment. How will society react,  when they go to Earth, where climate change could get worse? Martians will have protective rights when entering Earth, they will receive more protection because of their needs, being, as they are, sensitive to UV rays, as they spend most of their time on Mars with no sunlight due to dust storms, and dark clouds.

Social rights is a big concern, interbreeding has created conflict; hate crimes are common all over the globe with events sparking political tension. Earthlings are scared and feel the threat of a species who are more superior than humans and their civilization. Extreme calls from Right wing parties have asked for Martians to be banned on entering Earth and potentially killing new-born babies registered as mix species on Earth. For those who have fought to stay are often in hiding, moving away from hostile countries, relocating to other countries that offer sanctuary such as Canada, United Kingdom and Germany.

Children who are born of Martian ancestry with human parents are often rejected on both sides of society and end up being homeless and taking drugs and are sold on the black market. Activist Group and protesters such as M. A. R.T.I.A.N. (Martian Activists Rebelling against Tyrannical Inquisitors And Earthling’s Nationalism!) have called for education systems across the worlds to be reviewed; with attempts to integrate Martian civilization in RE studies and History lessons, to avoid radical nationalist thinking among the Human society on Earth.


Supporting images and video


The future racism

Image 1
According to the ‘2045 Initiative’, there already exist technologies enabling the transfer of an individual’s personality to a more advanced non-biological carrier, and extending life, including to the point of immortality.

This is a poster by a technology company whose name is Phoenix comes from the United States in 2045. To help people reincarnate trough brain transplants into a cyborg or brain data transfer(described in more detail below). In other words, after people die or who got illness such as organ failure or ALS, not only can revive in a humanoid robot but also can choose to change their body and appearance. To give people a choice to choose their destiny by money. However, this company’s service too expensive to afford, especially for the lower socioeconomic status groups, and most poverty groups are African American in the US.
It has led to those who need it most cannot get it. Ironically, they have to sell their eligible organs to this company.

Social justice and data justice, they both aimed at promoting a society which is just and equitable, valuing diversity, providing equal opportunities to all its members, irrespective of their disability, ethnicities, gender, age, sexual orientation or religion, and ensuring fair allocation of resources and support for their human rights. Any number of diverse factors, including those mentioned above, but also education, social class, political affiliation, beliefs, or other characteristics can lead to discriminatory behaviors, especially by those who may have a degree of power in their hands.

But with the rapid development of data technology, even if they both aimed at the same purpose, data injustice does not get much attention. And even more serious than social injustice problem in the future and therefore suppose a data technology corporation in the United States in 2045, they bring a better life for humankind, meanwhile, there is data injustice problem – racial discrimination, which cannot but arouse people’s attention.

My main idea is racism not only about culture or skin color but also about socioeconomic status. If the United States cannot change the African American’s socioeconomic status by structural reform etc. They would always be trapped in a vicious circle even in the future.

Image 2
Median household income in the United States in 2018, by race or ethnic group
Image 3
Implicit bias and structural racialization

And I enclose a complete set of official leaflets explaining various services and showing how to join this project by sign papers.

Image 4
Due to too many people want to join this project, so everyone needs to apply first.

When your application be approved, and this company will assign a consultant to introduce you to the company’s services.

Image 5
Service 1 – Brain data transmission service

Image 6
Introduction of Cyborg

Image 7
Cloud-based data transmission
Image 8
Service 2 – Brain transplant service

Finally, If you have decided which service, you’ll be asked
sign a Service agreement and Disclaimer

Image 9
Service Agreement
Image 10

It’s a PDF about the whole files with the right order.

And also there is an interactive video to help you better understand future racism. The story happened after an African American use this company’s service but still encounter racial discrimination.


Racism can be explicit or implicit. Explicit bias refers to the attitudes and beliefs we have about a person or group on a conscious level. An implicit bias/unconscious bias is the unconscious attribution of particular qualities to a member of a certain social group.

As we all know ‘George Floyd’s death due to the violent law enforcement by the police. It is not only a tragedy by racism, but it’s also because of the implicit bias of American police to African Americans. The incarceration rate of black males was over six times as high as white males, so they would unconsciously be prejudged the black male is more dangerous. And violent crime rates are so high among blacks originates mainly from unemployment, economic deprivation, and family disorganization. Therefore it’s not only related to ‘skin color’, ‘race hatred’, ‘Judicial injustice’, but it’s also a systemic problem and social structural contradiction.

I use a speculative design. In the future 2045 in the United States after dismantled their police department, they use UAV to keep society safe. And both of us have a choice to choose our physical body and appearance. While people and law enforcement officers cannot easily discriminate against a member of a certain social group by appearance and color. The explicit bias seems not to exist anymore at this time.

As mentioned above, if an African American just change their appearance, it cannot change the implicit bias at all. The UAV still think African American has a strong motive of the crime, therefore still might encounter prejudice/bias in 2045 if the American systemic problem still not changed by authorities.


Image 1: Created by the author

Image 2:

Image 3:

Image 4: Created by the author

Image 5: Created by the author

Image 6: Created by the author

Image 7: Created by the author

Image 8: Created by the author

Image 9: Created by the author

Image 10: Created by the author


OUBLI Pill & Drug Specification, 2080
By Echo

A story of trauma
(Made from wax)

Escape from traumatic memory?

Or escape from the controlling society?

Hello, this is Bruce. I am a PTSD patient.

I don’t know what your world looks like. But my world is kind of crazy. Here, everyone has a social score, which is determined by a series of indicators, such as family background, education level, etc. It determines what type of work you can do. For example, if your social score is above 80, you can be the Social Strategists who formulate strategies for social development, Politicians or Diplomatist… If your score is between 60 to 80, you can be the Dream Architects who create virtual scenarios for people, or like me, a Data Analyst… If the score is below 40, it means you are at the bottom of society and can only do some menial work.

Our society highly seeks orderliness and stability, and people with PTSD like me will be systematically considered ‘Error People’. Social Security Bureau said that we may be certain hazards to the society, so we need to be rectified, or our social scores will be greatly reduced. Before I fell ill, my social score was 62. I was working in a company called Fusion, and I had a wife and a lovely son. Our life were simple and happy.

But all this changed dramatically two months ago… My love, Marianne and my dear son, Geordie, lost their lives in an unexpected fire, and nothing could be saved when I arrived at the hospital. My world fell apart. I still cannot accept this fact. During that time, I was always depressed. Every night, I had nightmares, and I kept seeing Marianne and Geordie in my mind. I was afraid to go out for fear of seeing other happy families on the street. I often find it difficult to breathe as if I were drowning…

Warning Letter

Two weeks later, I received a letter from the Social Security Bureau. It read:

Warning Letter
Mental Health Level Diagram
(Made from straw & string)

After reading the letter, I kind of lost my head. Well…now.. I became the ‘error people’ of society. Once I were labeled as such, I would be regarded as the black sheep of the society, and my job and welfare would all be gone.

I was afraid. The letter told me to give them an answer within two days. I don’t have much time to consider. So, which treatment should be chosen?

I opened the drug box first and read the instruction carefully. It read:

Drug Specification
(Made from Epoxy & Equinox Flower)

I did hear about ‘OUBLI’ before. It’s expensive, and many rich people will take it regularly to prevent their social class from slipping. If I take this pill, I will never remember what happened to Marianne and Geordie. But what about our memories? Will they also be erased together? Will I forget that I ever had a wife and a son? I dare not think any more. I took the mysterious drug and then… put it back…

There was also an agreement for the Post-Traumatic Growth Project. I looked at it. It said:


The agreement mentioned that the success rate is only 20%, once failed I will be sent to Virtual Eden. I had never heard of this place before, so were all the people like me living there? Will I have a fresh start there?…

As if I had nothing to lose. So I signed the agreement.

The next day I was sent to a closed treatment lab where 100 miles from my home. There, I saw nine other PTSD patients.

31560. That’s my number.

I spent a whole month in that treatment lab. Day after day, the pain, as if the scars have been reopened again and again. I thought I could be saved and growth by the treatment, but…

Bruce’s Diary

Today, May 18th, I was sent to the Virtual Eden. Finally, I saw what this mysterious island looked like. Sure enough, everything is a lie. Dream Architects created beautiful virtual scenarios for this island. I saw people were sleeping in power pods and their brainwaves serve as the energy of this society. I felt desperate as I thought of being stranded on this island for the rest of my life.

Virtual Eden
(Made from Epoxy & Equinox Flower)
The Equinox Flower means sad memories and death. These beautiful cubes represent the spiritual cages that seal the traumatic memory and also separates ‘Error People’ from society.

Virtual Eden, behind it is lots of traumatic stories, memories and social indifference.

I don’t know whether my diary will continue, maybe this is the last one…

If one day in the future, you see my diary again, maybe then I have really liberated from all of it.

Welcome to the swinging 2060s

Welcome to the Swinging 2060s

The first thing you’ll notice when you land in Moorsey is the time difference: about forty years.

I know, the jetlag’s savage isn’t it. Sleep it off. We’ll see you at dinner. Shall I take that bottle for you?

Did you sleep well? Oh I know… those marshmallow sheets! Product of our thriving seaweed industry.

Have a seat in the restaurant and I’ll be with you shortly. Looking for local tips? Take a look at the Metro.

Video showing Moorsey Metro


Moorsey is just like anywhere in the UK: nosy, full of gossip and totally flooded. What can I get for you?

You can take off your mask darling – covid’s over. That’s better, now say again? The soup was it? Wonderful. Back in a mo…


Video “Remembering CV19 Day”


Soup coming up lovely. Now, tap your feet for me. On the floor there come on. That’s it. Feel all that energy you’re making?

It’s cooking your dinner! Ever since The Great Reconstruction After Covid—“AC” as we say—the whole world is powered by nature or elbow grease. In this case: yours. Keep it up!

Video “When DIY energy goes wrong”


Soup! And remember the plastic bottle you arrived with? Yes? Well now it’s a spoon. Here you go. We repurped it. Bon appeteety mon peteet ancesteeurr.

Careful with the table-cloth! It’s Moorsey Kelp.

Finished, darling? Kelp Cocktail?

That band are amazing live. Yea I finished 10 mins ago, maybe see you there. Oh, cool. Well I… I guess I’ll have what you’re having.

Yes this IS fun. No YOUUU are very nice. Come on let’s go dancing. It’s not fahhrr. “Cahrs?” Nooo there’s no cars. There’s no roads! They sank in the 40s. They put Swindon on stilts you know! Anyway, whaddawe need roads for… we’re going dancing!

… Back in 2020


About the project

Moorsey is a place somewhere in England, some time in summertime 2060. It exists, happily, thanks to bold actions to adapt to climate change in the 2020s, catalysed by the outbreak of coronavirus.

It is a speculative design project intended as a tangible taster of one preferable future. A place people want to visit and even stay. We hear all the time that sustainability requires sacrifice; ‘less this’, ‘stop that’ and ‘none of that’. This is compounded by dystopian climate sci-fi and depressing eco-exhibitions. It’s no wonder we choose unsustainability. Moorsey aims to plug a gap for optimistic stories about sustainability and the future. To give us all something to aim for. In this future, life is both enjoyable and sustainable. In our present day it can be too.

The world of Moorsey is built on existing solutions to climate change. In this way, it is science fact, not science fiction. At its center are three core concepts: Repurp (circular material flows), a booming seaweed economy (replacing unsustainable plastics and textiles), and DIY energy (including active transport and affordable renewable energy). Technology to enable these already exists and is only getting better. Sustainable lifestyles don’t have to come at the cost of our jobs, comfort or pleasure. We can adapt.

Alongside this blog, our online news channel (@moorseymetro on instagram) and our interviews with citizens, we’ve created a physical artefact from 2060 Moorsey: a set of three souvenir postcards. They are intended as a tangible taster of sustainability coexisting with pleasure and satisfaction. Wish you were here? Come visit. Relax. Stay as long as you like.


About the artists

Designers, creatives and changemakers. Collectively, Joey McAleese and Pete Ashworth, worked together to co-design a sustainable future during a global pandemic. Using speculative and participatory design, they worked with people online to look at how we might reprioritise post-covid-19 and show that we can have a sustainable and enjoyable future. Their answers came from solutions already invented today but amplified and celebrated in the future.

Both creators are UAL students studying MA Design for Social Innovation and Sustainable Futures. Both from a design background, Pete has worked in the advertising industry for 7 years while Joey has worked as an in-house designer in the tourism sector. Together they have a passion for designing for good and making environmentalism accessible and appealing for all.


Food For Thought:

Read more about the three core concepts at the center of Moorsey.
Repurp (circular material flows):
Seaweed economy:
Abundant renewable energy:

Telling the story

To create the world of Moorsey in the swinging 2060s, we’ve used a mixture of owned and found imagery. All writing is our own, with invaluable additions from many co-creators throughout the project. For full disclosure, below is a list of all the images in this exhibition and their sources.


Figure 1

Created by the artists

GIF: Live on Moorsey Seafront

Created by the artists with thanks to Bianca Falcone-Bridge

Figure 2

Figure 3




Figure 4


Figure 5

Created by the artists


Video: Take a look at the Metro

Imagery created by the artists









Figure 6


Figure 7


Video: Moorsey Residents Remember Vaccine Day

Created by the artists with thanks to Christy Coysh, Florence Deary and Tom Campbell

GIF: Floorgen at dinner

Created by the artists

Figure 8

Created by the artists

Figure 9

Created by the artists



Figure 10


GIF: Moorsey Man Powers Home With Only Hinge-Gen

Created by the artists with thanks to Fabio Ruolo

Video: When DIY Energy Goes Wrong

Created by the artists with thanks to Christy Coysh, Florence Deary and Tom Campbell

Figure 11


Figure 12


Figure 13



Figure 14




Figure 15


Figure 16



Figure 17


Figure 18


Figure 19


Figure 20


Figure 21


Figure 22


Figure 23



Figure 24


Figure 25

Created by the artists