Welcome to the Future Ocean—Jessy & JING

On April 13, 2020, a cabinet meeting of the Japanese government officially decided to discharge millions of tons of nuclear sewage stored in the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the sea in 2023.

A large amount of nuclear waste water has caused a large number of genetic mutations in marine organisms. Coupled with natural selection, a new self-aware species, the murloc, has finally been formed 1000 years later.

Human beings have drastically reduced their power through civil wars, natural disasters, viruses and other forms. Murlocs took the opportunity to defeat humans and become the new world hegemon.

In the world 1000 years later, social hierarchy is strictly divided. Murlocs are the first level, and humans are inferior people ruled by murlocs. Therefore, in the future vegetable market, the types of items that murlocs and humans can purchase and the purchase area are strictly divided and controlled. Murlocs and humans have different identity certificates, which can be seen by anyone at a glance. Human beings must bow to the noble murloc in any area.

The salesperson will adopt different attitudes based on the customer’s identity certificate. This leads the audience to think about the current human attitudes towards other races.

After visiting the future market, we will guide the audience into Area 2: Back to reality.

In this area, we set up a popular science exhibition about the sustainable development goals for marine protection set by the United Nations, the status quo of the marine environment, the destruction of the ocean by humans, the impact of nuclear wastewater discharge in Japan, and the prospects for future marine protection.

We hope that the audience will have some thoughts when they return to reality to see the current state of the ocean after visiting the FUTURE MARKET.

At the end of the exhibition, we set up a dummy to sit at the exit. We placed different colors of spray paint and markers beside the dummy. The audience can freely choose to use these tools to paint on the dummy at will. We want to design the final image of this dummy together with all the visitors who visit our exhibition, in order to express our reflection on the current marine environmental protection and resonance with other species.

Embrace the world

This is a photo of unwanted clothes, the plastic wrapper of Nestlé mineral water, the chicken (and newly settled insects) left in the yard to feed the fox overnight, and the fallen leaves in the yard.

Since my undergraduate degree is in microbiological engineering, I will be more inclined to the direction of pollution-free, life-sustainable circulation in design projects.

I hope this photo can remind myself to remember this heartfelt heart, embrace the world, and consider not only people but also what impact this project will have on nature and other species in the subsequent project design.