Co-creating Sustainable Futures

Between February and June 2020 our 20 students embarked on a project that took them in a range of different near and far futures. They were exploring what a Sustainable Future meant to them, and others, as they co-created narratives that told stories about all our possible tomorrows.

The adventure in a future of rewilding 2120, by Pin Yuan and Giulia
Welcome to the swinging 2060s, by Joey McAleese and Pete Ashworth
SENSE T, by Luya Shao and Xinyue Song
Children born on Mars. What rights do they have on Earth?, by Miles Tobias Williams
The future racism, by Qingyang Tan
Escape, by Xin Li
Decolonizing Sadaejuui in Korean History Through Speculative Letter from the Future, by Dayoung Ghim
Will we amuse ourselves to death? by Hanyin Zhang
BEAM – Supporting Learners with Additional Needs, by Amy Burnett
The adventure in a future of rewilding 2120, by Binoli Pranav Shah