The future racism

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According to the ‘2045 Initiative’, there already exist technologies enabling the transfer of an individual’s personality to a more advanced non-biological carrier, and extending life, including to the point of immortality.

This is a poster by a technology company whose name is Phoenix comes from the United States in 2045. To help people reincarnate trough brain transplants into a cyborg or brain data transfer(described in more detail below). In other words, after people die or who got illness such as organ failure or ALS, not only can revive in a humanoid robot but also can choose to change their body and appearance. To give people a choice to choose their destiny by money. However, this company’s service too expensive to afford, especially for the lower socioeconomic status groups, and most poverty groups are African American in the US.
It has led to those who need it most cannot get it. Ironically, they have to sell their eligible organs to this company.

Social justice and data justice, they both aimed at promoting a society which is just and equitable, valuing diversity, providing equal opportunities to all its members, irrespective of their disability, ethnicities, gender, age, sexual orientation or religion, and ensuring fair allocation of resources and support for their human rights. Any number of diverse factors, including those mentioned above, but also education, social class, political affiliation, beliefs, or other characteristics can lead to discriminatory behaviors, especially by those who may have a degree of power in their hands.

But with the rapid development of data technology, even if they both aimed at the same purpose, data injustice does not get much attention. And even more serious than social injustice problem in the future and therefore suppose a data technology corporation in the United States in 2045, they bring a better life for humankind, meanwhile, there is data injustice problem – racial discrimination, which cannot but arouse people’s attention.

My main idea is racism not only about culture or skin color but also about socioeconomic status. If the United States cannot change the African American’s socioeconomic status by structural reform etc. They would always be trapped in a vicious circle even in the future.

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Median household income in the United States in 2018, by race or ethnic group
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Implicit bias and structural racialization

And I enclose a complete set of official leaflets explaining various services and showing how to join this project by sign papers.

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Due to too many people want to join this project, so everyone needs to apply first.

When your application be approved, and this company will assign a consultant to introduce you to the company’s services.

Image 5
Service 1 – Brain data transmission service

Image 6
Introduction of Cyborg

Image 7
Cloud-based data transmission
Image 8
Service 2 – Brain transplant service

Finally, If you have decided which service, you’ll be asked
sign a Service agreement and Disclaimer

Image 9
Service Agreement
Image 10

It’s a PDF about the whole files with the right order.

And also there is an interactive video to help you better understand future racism. The story happened after an African American use this company’s service but still encounter racial discrimination.

Racism can be explicit or implicit. Explicit bias refers to the attitudes and beliefs we have about a person or group on a conscious level. An implicit bias/unconscious bias is the unconscious attribution of particular qualities to a member of a certain social group.

As we all know ‘George Floyd’s death due to the violent law enforcement by the police. It is not only a tragedy by racism, but it’s also because of the implicit bias of American police to African Americans. The incarceration rate of black males was over six times as high as white males, so they would unconsciously be prejudged the black male is more dangerous. And violent crime rates are so high among blacks originates mainly from unemployment, economic deprivation, and family disorganization. Therefore it’s not only related to ‘skin color’, ‘race hatred’, ‘Judicial injustice’, but it’s also a systemic problem and social structural contradiction.

I use a speculative design. In the future 2045 in the United States after dismantled their police department, they use UAV to keep society safe. And both of us have a choice to choose our physical body and appearance. While people and law enforcement officers cannot easily discriminate against a member of a certain social group by appearance and color. The explicit bias seems not to exist anymore at this time.

As mentioned above, if an African American just change their appearance, it cannot change the implicit bias at all. The UAV still think African American has a strong motive of the crime, therefore still might encounter prejudice/bias in 2045 if the American systemic problem still not changed by authorities.


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