Helen – Starter Kit

Hi, I’m Helen. 

My starter kit includes this drawing, which I think represents me well. First, its simplicity, because I live by a minimalist philosophy. The different branches that split off from one point are a symbol of complexity that surrounds my life, in which I perpetually moved to different places – being born in Germany, grown up in France and having lived in Holland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, now adding England to the list. It also depicts the outreach of options I get from having made a particular choice and the experiences I thereby gained on the way. 

The bag is, because I pack them almost every 6 months. 

My laptop is one of the few things that accompany me everywhere, when I move away. It almost stores my entire life, keeping very little in paper-form nor carrying a lot of personal items for practicality’s sake; it’s also my professional life. 

My ipod is my favourite travel companion. I listen to Audio-books and podcast whilst being on a journey or on the way, keeping me informed and updated about the world and the things I’m passionate about. 

Plants: They keep my room fresh, remind me of my green home-town and prop my desire to protect our nature and our planet. 

Cheese: If there is one thing that I bring along, that would be cheese. Sounding like a stereotypical French, I truly cannot live without a good strong cheese. It has become a tradition to have ‘Raclette’ with my friends, which I bring from France, and they are the best memories. 

Graphics: At last, the start of a series of graphics, in which I try to depict current societal or environmental issues as a manner of bringing awareness, and which sparked me to start this course.

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