Kyle’s Carrier Bag

This is my Carrier Bag and I want to use this to introduce myself.

A Tree

This is a cypress tree I bought at IKEA, and I want it to be my companion for the next 15 months. When I graduate, I want to plant it near LCC. When I return to China, it will still be in London, just like I am.

A Speaker

I like listening to music, so I bought a portable speaker. It has a hook, so I can hang it anywhere, so I can listen to music anytime and anywhere, but its voice is very loud. Try not to use it in public places.

A Clipper

I had checked online before I came to London that it was expensive to get a haircut in London, so I bought a clipper. I want to cut my own hair so I can save money. Although I’ve never cut my own hair, and there’s a good chance it will go bad, it’s been an interesting experience, isn’t it?

A Stabilizer

I like to take photos and videos to document my life, so I bought foldable Stabilizer which makes my videos less shaky and more fluent. I often share my photos and videos with my family and friends, because they have never been to London before and are eager to see the sights of London. It’s a great way for family and friends to bond.

A Spray

I have severe allergies. When I have allergies, I sneeze all the time and have a runny nose, and I can’t sleep well at night. The spray I bought works so well that it helps relieve my allergies. I highly recommend it to people who have allergic rhinitis like I do.

A Cooking Shovel

I missed Chinese food so much when I came to London that I decided to cook it myself. If anyone wants to learn how to cook Chinese food, you are welcome to talk to me and I will be happy to teach you.

Natalya’s Connection Bag

Hello, I’m Natalya Reutova, from Moscow, Russia.

A bag as a form of a container could have different forms and materials. For me, it’s mostly who I am, my thoughts, experiences, dreams and hopes. What represents me as a human being and what I’m ready to share with the world around me.

I believe, to be happy we all should be connected. Connected to nature, to humanity/people and the source of life – to God.

I used to live in Dubai for around 4 years, a city surrounded by desert. I have never thought about it, but I cannot live without greenery. Desert is all beautiful and powerful, but too overwhelming to me. I feel alive in the forest. Running in the forest becomes a powerful tool of meditation and healing for my anxieties.
My female cat Lada had a huge part in my life. I was deeply connected to her, even if I was a hundred miles away from her. She is not with us anymore, but I feel that connection is still there.

To be connected to the source of life, to God, is important to me. My faith plays a huge role in my life and through reading Bible, studying Gods word, praying, I’m feeling connected to him.

iPad here is a metaphor for connecting to people, those close to us and those far away. Since the pandemic, this device also helped to communicate with those located in different cities and countries. Also, it helps to get connected through works that I was able to do digitally. Sadly, such a powerful invention could serve as a form of isolation and cause feelings of loneliness. Sometimes I could feel that too.

Colours help to get connected to artwork, to the feelings artist want to share. I love to use bright colours, a minimalistic flat graphic style that my illustrations shine happiness and create warm feelings. Playing children represent interactive experiences that we were building for our festivals.

I wish to share my experiences in the interactive event master planning field on the course. My ‘Star’, a dream, is to create more connecting interactions of any sort that will help to increase citizens’ happiness levels.

Steven’s Carrier Bags and Starter Kit

Hello, I’m Yibao Liang, and you can also call me Steven or Po. I’m from Canton, China. Let me show you some of my starter kits.

Monster — I think I am very energetic, and I can accept diversified values or novelties. I created this very cute and colourful phoenix, and dragon combined little monster and let her give it a feminine quality because I don’t think I’m entirely a male. I think it can represent my personality very well.

Background picture — The background picture was taken by me, and I think it also reflects my character and ability.

Dual-screen Laptop — This laptop has two screens and excellent performance. It has helped me a lot in my creation and work. It will continue to accompany and assist me in my growth in the ma course.

Camera & Tripod — These two things can represent my ability in the video field, and I have used them in my undergraduate term for creating.

Pink Earbud — Pink is my favourite colour, I like to take my earbuds out and stay calm when I’m listening to music or isolated when I’m working so I can concentrate more.

Ipad — Ipad is a new tool I bought. It is very convenient for me to draw things or read files, and it can also be an extra screen for me when necessary.

Multi-purpose pan — This pan can make multiple dishes at the same time. I think it represents a kind of multi-tasking ability and handling any kind of situation.

Rolling ball mouse — This mouse is an ergonomic mouse, it makes me really comfortable when I used it to handle long hours of work and it also expresses my willingness to use some fresh technology to make life better.

Pillow — I often wish I could lie down and rest anywhere, so I bring a pillow. It helps me to realize this wish.

Others — Just some useful tools, haha.