Natalya’s Connection Bag

Hello, I’m Natalya Reutova, from Moscow, Russia.

A bag as a form of a container could have different forms and materials. For me, it’s mostly who I am, my thoughts, experiences, dreams and hopes. What represents me as a human being and what I’m ready to share with the world around me.

I believe, to be happy we all should be connected. Connected to nature, to humanity/people and the source of life – to God.

I used to live in Dubai for around 4 years, a city surrounded by desert. I have never thought about it, but I cannot live without greenery. Desert is all beautiful and powerful, but too overwhelming to me. I feel alive in the forest. Running in the forest becomes a powerful tool of meditation and healing for my anxieties.
My female cat Lada had a huge part in my life. I was deeply connected to her, even if I was a hundred miles away from her. She is not with us anymore, but I feel that connection is still there.

To be connected to the source of life, to God, is important to me. My faith plays a huge role in my life and through reading Bible, studying Gods word, praying, I’m feeling connected to him.

iPad here is a metaphor for connecting to people, those close to us and those far away. Since the pandemic, this device also helped to communicate with those located in different cities and countries. Also, it helps to get connected through works that I was able to do digitally. Sadly, such a powerful invention could serve as a form of isolation and cause feelings of loneliness. Sometimes I could feel that too.

Colours help to get connected to artwork, to the feelings artist want to share. I love to use bright colours, a minimalistic flat graphic style that my illustrations shine happiness and create warm feelings. Playing children represent interactive experiences that we were building for our festivals.

I wish to share my experiences in the interactive event master planning field on the course. My ‘Star’, a dream, is to create more connecting interactions of any sort that will help to increase citizens’ happiness levels.