Steven’s Carrier Bags and Starter Kit

Hello, I’m Yibao Liang, and you can also call me Steven or Po. I’m from Canton, China. Let me show you some of my starter kits.

Monster — I think I am very energetic, and I can accept diversified values or novelties. I created this very cute and colourful phoenix, and dragon combined little monster and let her give it a feminine quality because I don’t think I’m entirely a male. I think it can represent my personality very well.

Background picture — The background picture was taken by me, and I think it also reflects my character and ability.

Dual-screen Laptop — This laptop has two screens and excellent performance. It has helped me a lot in my creation and work. It will continue to accompany and assist me in my growth in the ma course.

Camera & Tripod — These two things can represent my ability in the video field, and I have used them in my undergraduate term for creating.

Pink Earbud — Pink is my favourite colour, I like to take my earbuds out and stay calm when I’m listening to music or isolated when I’m working so I can concentrate more.

Ipad — Ipad is a new tool I bought. It is very convenient for me to draw things or read files, and it can also be an extra screen for me when necessary.

Multi-purpose pan — This pan can make multiple dishes at the same time. I think it represents a kind of multi-tasking ability and handling any kind of situation.

Rolling ball mouse — This mouse is an ergonomic mouse, it makes me really comfortable when I used it to handle long hours of work and it also expresses my willingness to use some fresh technology to make life better.

Pillow — I often wish I could lie down and rest anywhere, so I bring a pillow. It helps me to realize this wish.

Others — Just some useful tools, haha.

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