Nati’s carrier bag

My past, present and future fill my bag. Everything that I had lived and done, every decision I make and what difference I want to generate, are all part of my story. 

-The two little jars:  represent my roots and seeds, where I was born and grew (Bogotá-Colombia) and remind me the importance of being grateful of where I came.

-The red bracelet represents the union of love, trust, respect, support, fun,  and friendship with my brother. 

-The picture represents my family. The most important thing in my life, reminds me the importance of union, love, support, perseverant, passion, confidence and knowing that wherever I go, they are there.

-The eye bracelet represents my friends, especially the ones that are already gone, reminds me the importance of life, of enjoying each second and each person you have.

-The flowers and the background (a natural fabric), represents the importance of environment in my life, what really drives me is to help others, I wish to become a designer that works for good causes and have a lasting impact in the world: Tolerance, Human rights, Environment, Equality.

-The book, represents my future, my dreams, experiences, learnings, and surprises life is going to bring me, I am still searching and discovering my path as a designer and human being, is still unwritten. 

Cici’s carrier bag

Hello everyone! I’m Can Guangya. And you can call me Cici. Here is what I have to show for my bag.

As you can see, my bag contains a lot of things that have fallen out of what looks like a kicked over box, and the words that have fallen out are a lot of  my vision and understanding of sustainable design. And at the bottom of the image is a sculpture that is thinking, which I metaphorically liken to myself, and these ideas that fall out can enter my brain and combine with something that is concrete and helps me to complete the design. Some specific words and objects are listed below.


· Welcome: I think design is all about brainstorming, taking in a wide range of knowledge as well as listening to others, so I hope that as a student studying design I can welcome a wide range of peers and information with open arms.

· Redefining: In my postgraduate studies, I think what I need to do is to break out of my original self and redefine myself. To change the way I see the world and the way I see things.

· Trending: As a student of this subject, it is important to pay attention to the trends and needs of the world and society. We need to observe not only the subtle things that happen around us, but also the current events and social trends that are happening in society.

· Nature: Design should go back to nature. The changing laws of nature give us a lot of inspiration for design, so I think I should explore nature and be connected to it.

· Book: Books are essential in my learning process, they give me inspiration to create, but they also help me to improve my designs and change my perception of things.

· Free: I reckon one of the most important things in the design process is to have full freedom and not to be limited by external things. We also need to learn to respect others and give them the freedom to express their opinions.

· Science: All design should respect science, because science is what makes design make sense.

· Happy: I want my designs to be enjoyable for the user, and I wish that my design process is happy and that the people I work with are happy as well.


· Computer: The computer plays a very significant role in my design process, I have access to my computer to look up information, use design softwares to create my designs and visualize my designs.

· Mobile phone: As a necessity, I use my mobile phone to communicate with my peers, exchange information, listen to music, look up information, etc.

· Headphones: I enjoy listening to music and it helps me to relieve my mood, so I always take my headphones with me wherever I go.

· Hamburger: I put this picture of a hamburger to represent food, because food helps me replenish energy, so I put some food in my bag.

Karla’s bag and survival kit

Hello, this is Karla from Mexico.

I have always liked the idea of transformation and I wanted to represent it in my carrier bag. It looks like a cocoon and behaves likewise.

Inside my bag, all the things that I will learn, observe, smell, touch, and taste will transform into beautiful knowledge and experiences.

I think my bag has harmoniously grown among plants, mushrooms and insects, and when I die it will return to the soil without harm.

While my survival kit has all the things that I consider my treasures.

  1. My favourite book. Acridofagia y otros insectos. I admire the author, Julieta Ramos Elorduy, because she made me fall in love with the world of edible insects. Also, she is the only female researcher specialised in the topic from Mexico.
  2. Chocolate. Probably I can survive eating chocolate my entire life. The darker the better.
  3. My glasses. They help me to avoid my clumsiness.
  4. Pictures with my little brother and my friend. I brought two pictures that reflect the love that I have for my family and friends and when I see them I feel close to them.
  5. Remedios Varo’s postcard. She is one of my favourite painters. What I really like is that she portays misticism, magic and the worl of the unconscious mind. I get lost inside her paintings surrounded by her strokes. This postcard was a gift from my little sister and when I see it I remember the words that she told me: I admire you because you are a dreamer.
  6. Hand sanitizer. I use it a lot, specially when I travel by bus or metro.
  7. Hair comb. It reminds me a fly market next to my house in Mexico. It was a gift from the seller and I love how shiny it is and due to it is a vintage piece, I am convinced that is it full of memories.
  8. Lip balm. My lips are always dry so I have an obsession with lip balms. I have try thousands but Vaseline is such a good option.
  9. Fragance. I love citric fragances for spaces. They relax me and create an optimal atmosphere to chill and concentrate when I am stressed out.
  10. Headphones. When I am using my headphones, music transports me into different worlds and it makes me feel energetic and happy.
  11. Surgical mask. I use it all the time in public spaces as a respect gesture.
  12. My beautiful scarf. Probably my most precious accesory. My mother gave it to me during the first months of the worldwide pandemic. I always wear it to remember my mother and the few months that we spent together.
  13. My converse. They are comfortable, compact and resistant and have helped me to explore weird and chaotic places.