Lily’s Carrier Bag

My bag is a backpack because they are a good choice for an adventure. It has a bottle of water so I can stay hydrated and lots of internal pockets to store all my seeds and stars.

My seeds

  • Notebook and pen

A notebook that’s already partly used, with ideas and knowledge I’ve gathered already and room for new ideas to be written down too.

  • Photos from my interior design undergraduate degree

Reminders of my previous design experience and skills I already have.

  • Souvenirs from trips abroad

Representing things I have learnt from travelling and from collaborating with a diverse range of people from all over the world.

My stars

  • A pair of glasses

Glasses to represent looking for clarity in my aims and areas of interest. I hope to explore different options and discover new things I’m passionate about.

  • Tote bag

A spare bag for new seeds I hope to collect through the course. The bag has my favourite pin that says ‘Kindness is Power’ to remind me to be kind to everyone I meet along the way.

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