Chenyu He(Mabel)’s Carrier Bag and Start Kit ~

Hello, world!

Hi, guys. My name is Chenyu He, you can call me Mabel if you want~

So this is my carrier bag, I have coffee, tea, sugar, studs, coloured highlighters, lipstick, many stationeries and many interesting emojis. Hopefully, these emojis will bring more fun and storytelling to my carrier bag.

I have to say that these things also make up my life. The cup of coffee I wake up with every morning, the coffee my friends share by hand, the coffee I buy on the street side of the road. We record, photograph, study, draw and share. We see the world and experience the warmth of people, the changes in the weather, the rising and setting of the sun. We feel the pain that comes from the pursuit of the unknown and the search for understanding. Feel our presence in the various systems.

I also created this photo with the leftover materials. Coffee and tea are more like the soil that nourishes ideas, my thoughts are my seeds and they grow as they are irrigated by knowledge and experience. Feel the power that the earth and nature give us to find the way for humanity to survive in the future. Respect and honour all living beings and move forward for the sake of human civilisation.

I will eventually grow into a mountain and compare myself to the stars.

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