Rijul Narwal

Hey everyone. I am Rijul Narwal from India. For my carrier bag, I have chosen a museum as I feel it is a metaphor that reflects my bag to a great extent.

In the image, you can see that I have tried to recreate a museum corner. On the left are the ‘permanent collection pieces’ that I carry around with me. These include my love for meeting new people and learning about their cultures, my passion for travelling around the globe and my keen interest in sports. The eye at the centre is a reflection of my observant nature. On the left, I have all the new and exciting things that London and the future hold for me, the ‘upcoming artists’. This includes new adventures, friends and memories. I want to approach this chapter of my life intentionally and cannot wait to start this journey with you all. 

The orange poster reflects my thoughts from our first class together, ‘looks like we made it’. It is a statement that unifies us; to me, it stands for making it into this course, and perhaps into the world next year!

Sumaia Alsaeed

Self-portrait through objects.

I identify as a designer seeking interdisciplinary collaboration. I am most enthusiastic in environments that put my skills to the test, spark my curiosity and motivate me to wonder. 

All this considered, I realize I still have so much more ahead to learn and discover. My brand-new black UAL tote bag is my carrier bag represinting beginnings. Soon, it will be filled with all the experiences and memories of my master’s journey in London that has just begun.

Michael Wright

My carrier bag consists of a digital collage showing elements of my life, practice and values as well as a nod towards a future I hope to one day see. 

In the top right you see the elements of my personal life; my cat, Maple, represents my safety at home in Northampton, the burger represents my vegan lifestyle and the record shows my love of music and collecting vinyl with the football and Eric Cantona signifies my love of football as well as football culture and how it is representing in class structure, music and fashion. 

The top left of my ‘carrier bag’ is an image of a printing squeegee alongside a MacBook signifying my love for both analogue and digital design. I believe you can be innovative with both and they are not mutually exclusive, often working together in my practice. 

Finally, the bottom right, as well as the image of the earth, serve as a visual representation of how I see the world now – increasingly divided and influenced by capitalism and elitism. I see this personified in politicians like Boris Johnson. 

The bottom left shows my want for a more inclusive, connected world. The old trade union slogan ‘Unity is Strength’ resonates with me, both in how I value a multi cultural society and in my belief in the importance of collaboration. 

Frieda’s carrier bag

“Can we make do with what already exists… can we stop producing new things?”

Hi I am Frieda and this is my carrier bag …

background is made out of clippings from the oddboxes which I used to improvise a shelf for my cloths. My roommate and I will share a subscription – I like the concept of this box. It contains fruits and vegetables which otherwise would go to trash. I find it very inspiring to try to just use the things which surrounds me to create the things I need. recycling saves resources. Also what I realised over the last few years, I find freedom and creative space in the „limitation (of material)“.
plants nature is a great inspiration to me. presents the circle of life. nature can repair and multiply itself.
paper-founds I’m always finding things on the streets. I see value in things other people threw away. The paper is not white anymore, turned yellowish over the year it was stored. I like if material tells a story. Stains are defined as an imperfection but we should redefine it as a beautiful detail which tells a story.
frame this frame is always traveling with me. I wrote this quote with the type writer of my grandma. The quote is kind of my life-inspiration-goal.
to-do-list I love lists. helps me to structure myself. since I am doing a lot of things, I need to be very organised. 
textile I have a degree in fashion design. Enjoy handcrafting with wool, yarn and textiles. 
small things try to see the beauty in small things. 
lavender collected this on my first stroll throw Battersea, where I now live.
TransformationDesign something I want to focus on more during this MA program.