Rijul Narwal

Hey everyone. I am Rijul Narwal from India. For my carrier bag, I have chosen a museum as I feel it is a metaphor that reflects my bag to a great extent.

In the image, you can see that I have tried to recreate a museum corner. On the left are the ‘permanent collection pieces’ that I carry around with me. These include my love for meeting new people and learning about their cultures, my passion for travelling around the globe and my keen interest in sports. The eye at the centre is a reflection of my observant nature. On the left, I have all the new and exciting things that London and the future hold for me, the ‘upcoming artists’. This includes new adventures, friends and memories. I want to approach this chapter of my life intentionally and cannot wait to start this journey with you all. 

The orange poster reflects my thoughts from our first class together, ‘looks like we made it’. It is a statement that unifies us; to me, it stands for making it into this course, and perhaps into the world next year!

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