Michael Wright

My carrier bag consists of a digital collage showing elements of my life, practice and values as well as a nod towards a future I hope to one day see. 

In the top right you see the elements of my personal life; my cat, Maple, represents my safety at home in Northampton, the burger represents my vegan lifestyle and the record shows my love of music and collecting vinyl with the football and Eric Cantona signifies my love of football as well as football culture and how it is representing in class structure, music and fashion. 

The top left of my ‘carrier bag’ is an image of a printing squeegee alongside a MacBook signifying my love for both analogue and digital design. I believe you can be innovative with both and they are not mutually exclusive, often working together in my practice. 

Finally, the bottom right, as well as the image of the earth, serve as a visual representation of how I see the world now – increasingly divided and influenced by capitalism and elitism. I see this personified in politicians like Boris Johnson. 

The bottom left shows my want for a more inclusive, connected world. The old trade union slogan ‘Unity is Strength’ resonates with me, both in how I value a multi cultural society and in my belief in the importance of collaboration. 

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