Capri’s Carrier Bag and Start Kit

Hey, this is Capri, a suitcase girl who is dreamed of exploring the world and trying everything new.

Look! On the top left, an adorable polar bear and she are crawling with their bellies low to the ground. On the Africa continent, she walks abreast with a massive bull elephant holding her notebook that records exciting stories that happened between her and this region. Going up to the top right, you will see the suitcase girl is climbing. She excitingly shouts, “I’m on the top of the mountain!” On the bottom, that girl is swimming with a whale in the vast and endless ocean.

The girl is also me. I regard myself as an open suitcase, an inclusive container because I hope that I can always be on the way open-mindedly to practice in different fields, absorb the diverse culture and understand the unique social contexts that build up multiple opinions.

Of course, some essential tools in my “suitcase body” support me to start exploration at any time:

# A pair of shoes and that is quite comfortable can take me anyway.

# Eyes. My treasure is to observe the world.

# A notebook. The tool of record and self-reflection.

# One bottle. Help me stay energetic.

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