Sixing Lyu


I am Sixing Lyu. I am now in China to take online classes with everyone.I hope that covid-19 will pass soon and communicate with everyone in the classroom.


There are two reasons why I choose this course. Firstly, I want to find a good business project to bring back to my hometown, to better develop my business. Secondly, I want to have a new environment than before to learn English better, so that I can access more information and chat with other people.


When I enter this course, I want to choose my hometown as my starter kit. So, I made a landscape box shaped like a camera. Because of the progress of the times, I do rarely use the camera to take photos. The smart phone can almost get the photos we want, so I often use the smart phone to take my inspiration.

In the last year, I worked in the north of China. It used to be the province with the largest energy consumption of China’s well-known coal mines, but now the resources have been exhausted, so “environment friendly” wind and solar power generation have been chosen. While resources are being consumed, you can see trees all over the mountains here, and in mountainous areas, it has sweet air. It has beautiful landscape, as shown in the outside photo of the box I made. I also took a lot of landscape photos when I was working and sent them to my friends. But while building friendly energy, we are beginning to consume the environment again. The construction brought a lot of rubbish, and the workers piled it up on the hillside.

I put this photo in the inner box. The scenery outside and the trash inside are contradictory, humans and the environment are always competing. But that people’s more positive attitude towards the environment will also make the world better than before.

I made this box to remind myself to look at the two sides of things from an outsider’s perspective, and to keep myself alert to the society around me.

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