Siming’s Starter Kits

-Camera: Use it to record every place I have been to in 2020,take vlogs, and record future research processes.
-Money: 2000 pounds to deal with my isolation life, buy food and daily necessities.
-ipad: I often use it for sketching, taking notes, and recording. It will also be very useful in future courses.
-Stickers: I often use oldschool style stickers to embellish my pocketbook. I also often use these elements in graphic design, similar to collages and stickers.
-Notebook: Take it with me and take some notes.I enjoy handwriting when I join in class.
-Game console: When taking the subway, there is no internet, use it to release myself.
-Masks and disinfectant wipes: use it to protect me from viruses.

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