Yuan’s Starter Kit

What do I have in my starter kit?

“Insulation Cup”-preserve temperature and maintain the ecological balance of nature.
“Marker pen”-a tool we often use, it highlights problems, hides information, waiting for us to discover.
“Notepad”-our brain, a transit point for ideas.
“Kiwifruit”-vitamin supplements, supplement ideas.
“Plant”-each of us is like a leaf on the Chlorophytum, as the Chlorophytum grows to explore the unknown world wantonly.
“Plastic gloves”-I use plastic gloves as an example to express that plastic creates a barrier between us and nature. It not only protects us from dirt but also separates us from the world.
“Spring clip”-integrate things together, students communicate with each other, and ideas merge.
“Hand sanitizer”-care for our health during the epidemic.
“Handmade Knife”-portray your own work as you like.
“Post-it notes”-convenient, record new discoveries anytime, anywhere.