From Xingyi

Hi, it’s Xingyi He.

I did a prototype and picked up four daily objects for my starter kit.

The prototype has three pieces in the front with open and closed eye. Three of them together shows mine one blink. Behind that, you can take a glance of the dynamic things happening in my brain. It is my first attempt to make them tangible, like montage, like a storyboard.

As the way I think connected tightly to how I behave, spending time to think about it and trying to visualize it may help my new friends know me easier. That is what I thought when I was making it.

The four objects are all my everyday things.
* The Box of the Painkiller Stickers
I use this painkiller stickers daily to help with my painful muscles due to scoliosis. I think this could be an excellent metaphor for my empathy and warm part inside.
These stickers are gentler than painkiller cream and more frequently used than pills, providing support gradually and silently. Some people like to wear certain perfume, and I sometimes wear this herb smell.

* The Small Screwdriver Kit
Screwdriver stands for skills. These kinds of ‘fine screwdriver kits’ usually contains lots of heads. Those heads cover many different aspects, but they are all tiny. Similarly, I may have scraps of information and skills in many aspects, but they may not be so practical. While I am still looking forward to using them one day. And at the same time keep trying and practising.

* The Dog Tail Grass Brooch
This brooch stands for my root and the base colour of me. This grass has its common name ‘Dog Tail Grass’ in China, and it grows on the banks of land between the rice fields in my hometown.
I was intended to buy a famous strawberry brooch or a flower brooch for myself that day. But I ended up with this dog tail brooch as I found it quite attracting. It gave me a unique, comfortable and natural feeling that I would like to carry with me.

* My AirPods pro
The final thing is its AirPods Pro. It stands for the Neverland where I can think about nothing. Taking a breath and get along well with myself values a lot in life. It’s about music, musicals, games etc.