Crystal Z’s Starter Kit

A collage of my starter kit presents the items I used, I carried, I inspired, and I created, it explores my experiences, background, identities, memories, creations, skills, and values.


– to fill with design concepts, mind maps, and doodlings


– to draw up my ideas

Tote bag

– to alternate the use of plastic bag when doing grocery

Daily planner

– to schedule my to-do-list and timetable

Sewing thread

– to repair my textile

A wooden card with laser cut

– to visualize the passing of times

– to present the material I enjoyed using


– to explore the world

– to accept other cultures

A 3D print I prototyped before

– to turn digital data into tangible object

– to appreciate the evolutive of technology

A piece of leaf I picked up from the garden

– to represent where my inspiration comes from

– to interact with nature

Key chain I brough it in Vancouver at the first day I arrived

– to appreciate my seven-years’ experience in Canada

Air pod

– to isolate from the outsiders

Industrial mask I used in the woodshop

– to product me lungs from dust (I did enjoy making my hand dirty)

Prayer bead I received from my mother

– to remind of my family, who always back me up

– to keep me calm

IPad + Apple Pencil

– to produce my digital drawing and work online


– to record the beauty of everyday life

Looking forward to starting the new journey