The adventure in a future of rewilding 2120

We are two documentary journalists, being sent to London and Palermo in the year 2120, a future of rewilding.
Please click the picture below to explore our expedition through pictures and recordings:
Behind the story:

Scientists have raised the concern that potentially the majority of global burden of disease is going to result from our impacts across the natural systems, all of those transformations are accelerating at a pace that threatens human health. We moved from a perfectly designed ecosystem to a ruthless “ego-system” in which there is more power in consuming and letting go than holding on. 

This future of rewilding is to remember how important it is to understand that people and nature are deeply connected. We’ve created two sets of collections as our physical artifacts that represent our whole journey. We sincerely believe this new future will exist as long as we honour, respect, and cooperate with nature's inherent ability to sustain life.

One thought on “The adventure in a future of rewilding 2120”

  1. This is a future I can get behind!

    I spent the UK’s lockdown in the countryside and loved seeing the animals come into their own and reclaim some the spaces when there were fewer cars and people everywhere. Now I’m back in a city and I miss seeing deer and rabbits every day.

    The animation of the farmland being rewilded is beautiful.

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