Social Media License Application 2040

Social Media License Application – Click here.

Digital Dept of Social Media

The Digital Department of Social Media is officially launching a 120-day pilot that will educate citizens on how to apply for the new 2040 social media scheme and acquire their social media navigation license.

The DDSM strives to provide each user the pertinent information to ensure they are safe and aware while navigating social media channels in the United States of America.

The information contained in this handbook will not only provide users with an understanding of rules, responsibilities but also encourage a deep understanding on how to safely navigate social channels when it comes to different social media conditions and circumstances. 

The beginning

“Users will be granted the official license which holds their new navigation number 5 days after passing their test”.

One thought on “Social Media License Application 2040”

  1. I love how realistic this feels, it’s something that definitely could be put into place one day, probably for the best! The way you’ve visualised the concept is really lovely and brings it to life, great work overall!

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