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There is breakfast recipe in my Starter Kit~

This breakfast recipe is one that we often make because it’s convenient and can be done very quickly, and of course it’s delicious!

I put this breakfast recipe in my Starter Kit because breakfast is quite vital for our health, and I also very enjoy the breakfast time with my family members.

In addition, I care about where the food we eat comes from, how it’s transported, how it’s made, how it’s returned to the land.

In today’s networked world, especially in China, where the digital economy is flourishing, we can quickly get food (online shopping or takeout) by tapping our mobile phones while sitting on the couch, can we still imagine hunger anywhere in the world?

But it may be hard to say whether this digital development is negative or positive, because it creates a lot of jobs and opportunities for businesses, and of course increases the carbon footprint of food and the packaging waste .

During the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year in China, when we were asked to stay at home and isolate ourselves. At this time, many families worry about whether there is enough food in the house for the whole family, and plan their daily food needs and planned shopping. It was then that I paid more attention to food. Starting to plant tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, peppers and other vegetables in the garden with my boyfriend, which alleviated our anxiety during the epidemic (maybe this is the power of plants!). It also gives us a new understanding of how the foods we know every day grow

We joined the online planting community, met many new friends, shared planting experiences and exchanged seeds, and learned that many people started their home gardens during the COVID-19 outbreak.

So I want to take this recipe and share delicious food and food stories with more people~

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