Dear no matter who,

This is a drift bottle from 2750. When you read this letter, I hope this terrible era has passed. Maybe 200 years later? Or 1000 years. No matter who you are or where you come from, I sincerely hope that you can keep reading. This letter may help you to uncover many secrets about the earth’s past and the present. 

I am a human from the spiritual ice age. You can call me Tim, and I am a researcher working in a temperature institute. Although I don’t know when this terrible period end and how long I will be allowed to live, I want to record what I know. It would be best if our research and speculation succeed. That would be a great pity if we have not survived from the revenge of the earth and my sincere hope is that someone will discover this letter and use our experience as a warning.

Due to humans used to exploit the earth’s resources frantically for material interests, we touched the earth’s immune system.  So, the spiritual ice age has arrived, that is a colourless cold world! Various disasters, unknown viruses, and wars have made human life more difficult. Not only that, but interpersonal relationships have also become tenser. People scramble frantically for resources to survive because no one knows when the next disaster will come. Selfishness and sensitivity flood our lives. On the whole, It is a cold age without friends, sharing, and love. 

To keep the earth alive, the government secretly convened a group of people who adhere to temperature established a temperature research institute. Yes, include me. Our main job is to study “social temperature”. In response to the current problem, we have established a temperature signal station to change human genes and promote human evolution. Then, the cold human has evolved sense T besides five senses. Surprisingly, this research is moving more quickly than was expected. So far, we have discovered five types of abilities. They can feel the social temperature between people, people and animals, people and plants, people and machines, and even the earth. Capable persons certainly have abilities, but they also have huge responsibilities. 

In the beginning, most of the first evolved people only gained the ability between people. Many people are getting together since their new abilities. Not only that, but many people also started to communicate under the leadership of capable people, and they even became friends.

Then human also significantly reduce the killing and felling because they can sense the temperature of animals and plants. After all, nobody can kill a life who likes them. 

Not only that but the resource wasteful behaviour has also been significantly reduced. Sense T gets people reflection this behaviour. Why human can discard them unilaterally, we never think about their mood. 

With continuous evolution, some capable person can even feel the signal from the earth. This discovery rekindled new hope for the future of the earth. To save our home, those capable people use their power to warn humans to reduce the behaviour of destroying the earth and strive to repair the problems that have occurred.

In effect, only those who have maintained the love in the spiritual ice age can be evolved and live longer than before. Instead, indifferent people will gradually perish. This a filtering mechanism of the earth? Although there is no definitive answer, I still looking forward to the future, I wonder what will the earth look like when each of us can sense temperature. It must be very cool!

It’s so exciting that as the research deepened, we discovered a fantastic secret that some colours are inside the ice! This is because the earth becomes more and more personal, and human also beings full of love so that the social temperature increased. Therefore, these colours hidden inside the ice were finally discovered by humans. I will always believe that the day will come sooner or later the world regained its rainbow of colours as if nothing had ever happened.

Well, so that’s it for today! I am feeling too cold to write well. I hope that you already live in a whole new world with colours and warm. You will have some friends, family members, a kitten or a puppy, some beautiful flowers and plants on your balcony, and a rainbow in the sky after the rain. . . . .

Kind regards


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