Children born on Mars. What rights do they have on Earth?

2035, NASA, ESA, and Musk have successfully managed to colonise Mars with a population growth of 6,000.

Martian education is focusing on Religious Experience (RE) studies, as there are very limited things in common with other earthling norms, (wild life, different seasons, socialising with other animals). Children on Mars will have permanent conditions such as Down’s Syndrome and Autism; could we make reasonable adjustments to the way that their classes are being taught?

Visiting Earth for the first time will be a social or civilization shock; will they feel uncomfortable, having no identity or empathy towards their Earthling relatives? This could cause great disaffection. Medical health care is free on Mars. Where some countries will have to charge for health, this could create unrest within the community.

Children with breathing problems would need a cleaner environment. How will society react,  when they go to Earth, where climate change could get worse? Martians will have protective rights when entering Earth, they will receive more protection because of their needs, being, as they are, sensitive to UV rays, as they spend most of their time on Mars with no sunlight due to dust storms, and dark clouds.

Social rights is a big concern, interbreeding has created conflict; hate crimes are common all over the globe with events sparking political tension. Earthlings are scared and feel the threat of a species who are more superior than humans and their civilization. Extreme calls from Right wing parties have asked for Martians to be banned on entering Earth and potentially killing new-born babies registered as mix species on Earth. For those who have fought to stay are often in hiding, moving away from hostile countries, relocating to other countries that offer sanctuary such as Canada, United Kingdom and Germany.

Children who are born of Martian ancestry with human parents are often rejected on both sides of society and end up being homeless and taking drugs and are sold on the black market. Activist Group and protesters such as M. A. R.T.I.A.N. (Martian Activists Rebelling against Tyrannical Inquisitors And Earthling’s Nationalism!) have called for education systems across the worlds to be reviewed; with attempts to integrate Martian civilization in RE studies and History lessons, to avoid radical nationalist thinking among the Human society on Earth.


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