Edwin’s Starter Kit

Artificial and natural products

My Starter Kit explores the relationship between natural products and artificial products. They all have memories of living with me, and they are also related to each other.

Natural products:

Blue planet – The poetic name of this kind of flower with round bulbs reminds me of the mysterious blue planet. However, because their bulbs are all thorns and hard to reach, they warn humans not to easily destroy the beauty of nature.

Young girls from tianzhu – This plant has an anthropomorphic name, and it reminds me of a dancing girl. Its volatile nature makes me smell the vitality and confidence of a girl. The interaction between humans and nature is so amazing!

Eucalyptus – Such plants can exude a natural aroma. The leaves contain leaf oil. Through processing, it can be used in cosmetics, food, industry and other fields. Like its flower language, it is a gift of nature, so we have different memories of it.

Artificial products

Art books – This art book is ” The Absence of Two ” in Yoshida’s photo book. In this work, the author used a camera to record the lives of his cousin and grandmother. This often reminds me of my family, and makes me know and reflect on life again. I think this is the power of photography books. Without words, just use pictures to resonate with people. This is why I like to record my life with pictures.

Aurora Lodge – A small group of people under the glass cover looked at the plants and the Aurora Lodge. The principle of the house is an optical prism, and the transparent house presents a rainbow-like light under natural light. Watching the gifts of nature together is a great thing and my dream. This cottage gave me a lot of encouragement and inspiration.

3D glasses – 3D glasses can deceive the eyes by transmitting light in one eye and opaque in the other eye and forming a 3D image through the brain, which is very cool. At the same time, I like to watch 3D movies, so these glasses are very important, and my artwork usually produces some 3D images.

Twitchable film card – Film cards are also called film negatives, and they are also important for printing. I like taking photos and printing to leave a mark on my life. The geometric figures on the card are overlapped and interlaced by twitching to generate new images. Combined with the word Aleph on the card, it refers to the novel by the novelist Borges. This is an infinite universe, and I want to record this infinite universe in a simple way.

Coffee – Instant coffee, which looks like a green flying saucer, gives me infinite energy and curious imagination.

Scissors – My indispensable magic tool, I can use it to create the shape of any object, or use it to process my own imagination.

Cigarette – The nicotine in cigarettes is extracted from plants, but cigarettes are manufactured artificially. Humans depend on substances extracted from this plant. It can be seen that artificial products are very popular, but long-term inhalation of large amounts of nicotine can affect human health, so this is not a good invention.

Carbon – Carbon has the effect of storing odours. I want to record these images and odours related to my life, so the image can always retain the taste of my memory, not only for everyone to watch, but also to feel through smell.

My starter kit is presented through images, containing plants, light, carbon and water, which produce photosynthesis, so that everyone can experience my life energy immersively and visualize the energy conversion in nature. Let everyone pay attention to the connection between natural products and man-made products. While protecting the ecosystem, use design to make some sustainable changes to human life.

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