Shreni’s Starter Kit

My starter kit is made up of things that give me a sense of comfort and belonging. I have my gratitude journal that reminds me of all the wonderful experiences I have had over time, but also several lessons I’ve learnt from them. I also have some happy polaroid pictures from some of my past travels which give me hope for a better tomorrow. On the canvas tote, I’ve made an abstract version of one of my favourite artworks of all times – The Great Wave of Japan. I’ve always been inspired by this piece as it signifies strength and resilience during tough times. I also have some postcards from friends, some lucky charms and two cute handkerchiefs so I can reduce my usage of paper napkins. Also a pack of playing cards as that’s something we do a lot back home during festivities. Lastly, I have a quote in Sanskrit that my Grandfather fondly taught me. It means we must have strength and courage to find wisdom and balance.

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