Sas’ survival kit

plants: oxygen, life on earth, shelter

Tape measure: everything seems to need to be measured

Wool: How long is a piece of string? (It’s all connected)

Drugs: Pandemic, dependency, crutch

Knife + fork: sustainable alternatives to single use plastic

Shell & fir cone : nature trying to survive, regardless

Donut game: Snap? Similarities and/or differences, we’re all relevant

Plasters/band aid: covering up the problem? World aid, masking a wound, attempting to mend

Key +Allen key: solutions, opening doors, unlocking and unpacking issues

Batteries + USB cable: Energy, (it’s essential) Can we use more renewable alternatives?

PaperClips: bonding things together, building communities

Yellow paint: brighter landscape / optimistic ways forward

Sketchbook: pages ready to be filled with ideas, designs and inventions

Health (‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away”)
Education: you bring your teacher/s an apple in Western cultures.
Sir. Isaac Newton had a moment of clarity – identifying the theory of gravity – when an apple fell on his head from a tree above.
Biblical ref: Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

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