Jessy’s Starter Kit

Many of the topics I have done before are around technology, and around modern life, exploring people’s lifestyles in modern society, and the impact of technology on us. So this one of my starter kits.

Technology has brought us convenience, but it has also lost part of our creativity. After that, I want to explore more about nature, so I can temporarily put down my phone and computer to create.

· Hudy and Buzz – It symbolizes bravery and courage, which can make my future design no longer in my comfort zone and create more novel designs.

· Freitag – My favorite bag brand, it uses waste truck covers for reprocessing. The materials used in the manufacturing process are all recyclable secondary materials, so my future designs want to return to the essence of our lives and discover more valuable things in life.

· Books – I like to design with strong colors. In the past, I used more visual methods to design. In the future, I want to try different design methods and expressions.

· Bottle – Use colorful candy as soil to breed plants. It represents the colors I like, and I want to learn knowledge and understand the cultures of different parts of the world. The bottle contains some of my own expectations, such as courage, creativity, etc., Leaves are a species unique to northern China. In future designs, I also want to incorporate Chinese culture.

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