Sherry’s Starter Kit

  • The main character in the Starter Kit is the computer – it is the primary tool for producing digital works and an important medium for communicating inner thoughts to the outside world. Technology is the driving force of innovation, and I still believe in the power of technology.
  • IPad & Apple Pencil is the first productivity.
  • Books are my professional guides.
  • The spinning pen is my faithful companion.
  • Stationery is the assistant of design practice.
  • Sticky notes are recorders of my thoughts.
  • The sketch book satisfies my desire to create and deduce the design scheme.
  • The kraft paper in delivery boxes is recycled to create my works, which is eco-friendly.

Around these tools, I want to express the four kinds of thinking I need to participate in the course through my Starter kit. It includes spinning, expanding, connecting and flowing.

1. Spinning – The continuous rotation of the pen between my fingers reminds me to keep thinking and learning new skills.

2. Expanding – The expansion of paper indicates that we not only need to pay attention to the things around us, but also need to look around the world to see whether our design can be copied and extend its applicability.

3. Connecting – A folded sticky note is similar to the shape of word ‘people’ in Chinese, and the community consisting of people has become smaller and more personalized. Each community is like a small island for self-innovation. In the future, small islands may form a new sustainable continent in a new way.

4. Flowing – Based on the technical support of different devices and the Internet, there will be greater mobility among people and they can be connected in real time, which will contribute to the establishment of distributed organizations to facilitate the efficient flow of information and resources.

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