Nicole P’s Starter Kit

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Things I hold close  Photos & love letters – Reminders of friends and family near and far, especially when visiting isn’t a possibility due to covid in the US. Hand-crafted lucky charms – I ❤ creative chill sessions, working with my hands, chatting, letting creative juices flow. I’ve spent 10 years as a digital designer, I want to work with other mediums and try new things!

Keeping Calm  Candles – I ❤ ‘Hygge’, a Danish word meaning coziness and friendly open environments. Growing up, my parents worked from home and evenings included candlelit dinners and long chats. Tea – Used to drink coffee, my Cornish husband converted me to tea and I’m never going back! I love the ritual around tea. • Meditation & yoga – Balances the mind and body, gives me peace so I can spread positive energy. My favorite meditation is Loving Kindness, ‘may everyone be happy, healthy, safe, at ease‘ • Gudetama – He’s Japanese and his name means lazy egg… I ❤ Japanese culture, food (Sushi!), architecture, and minimalist mindset.

Reflect  Gratitude journal – Giving daily thanks reminds me of the good things and staying optimistic. • Poetry – A powerful form of expression. One of my favorite poems is Earthrise by Amanda Gorman, a total inspiration to me.

Play • Games – I love playing games, a few of my favorites are Yahtzee, Rummikub, and Wingspan. I tend to be nervous/shy when meeting new people and find games are a great way to connect. • Walking – I moved to London just before covid and during lockdown got to explore a lot during my daily exercise. I recently discovered Epping Forest which has great hiking trails just ~20 minutes from Hackney.

Lifestyle • Food & nature – I started a balcony garden this year, homegrown tomatoes are so tasty. I stopped eating meat and am cutting back on fish in an effort to lessen my impact on the environment. • Plastic-free -I want to be plastic-free and am making my own bath products and lip balm, it’s really simple and a money saver!

Tools for School • Sketchbooks – A weekly planner, a sketchbook, and a ‘reflection journal’! I want to reflect and really soak in this amazing experience. I feel so grateful to be able to attend grad school and be surrounded by such amazing people. • Books – I ❤ ‘EM!

I plan to add to this deck of cards throughout the year, I’m excited for what’s to come!

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