Elaine’s Starter Kits

Hi everyone, 

My name is Ying Qu, and you can call me Elaine. The following is my introduction to my starter kits, and I am glad to meet you all!

`Plastic bags

I like to collect plastic bags, just as I like to collect all sorts of wild ideas. For me, plastic bags seem to be magical, and they will deeply attract me. No matter which channel I got it from, no matter whether it is beautiful or not, I will silently collect them, waiting for the second opportunity to use them. I think that to protect the earth and achieve sustainability, we can start slowly from these small things. The strength of one person is meagre, and the strength of everyone is huge.

`Tarot cards

This is the tool I use to release myself at this stage of deciding to apply for a school and waiting for the result of the application. For me, I don’t believe in the results of divination, but more to make myself believe in my own decision more firmly, and I believe that my fate is my fate. Tarot divination is like flipping a coin. The moment you throw it, you will have the answer in your heart. It is good at seeing the big from the small, and through the connection between the micro and the macro. Just like my relationship with the world, I believe that my every move will have a linkage relationship like the butterfly effect, which has an impact on the world.

`Aquarius thermos

Maybe it is the reason of the constellation. I am in Aquarius and rely on my vacuum flask and never leave my hands all year round! Maybe you think the vacuum flask will only come in handy in winter, but you would never think that the cooling effect of vacuum flask is also excellent. The working style of the vacuum flask is consistent with my way of thinking. I think: Everything has two sides. We must develop in the unity of opposites. The combination of Yin and Yang is indispensable.


This is my essential partner in life. It allows me to isolate the noise of the world, avoid embarrassment, soothe emotions, settle the mood, and increase the sense of security. I accompany it to listen to the stories in the music, it listens carefully to my heart and accepts everything about me unconditionally. In the face of it, I am willing to share my grievances and unwillingness, and show the truest side in front of it. With it, I am not afraid of being alone, I am not afraid of being alone. It is my bottom line and the greatest strength that supports me. With headphones and music, even if the world abandons me, I am fearless, and I will never give up each other until the end of my life.


I like to watch the sky! The sky can give me the deepest and most powerful strength. For me, the sky is a stage, and I am a star, waiting for me to show myself. The sky is a piece of soil, and I am a sapling, waiting for us to take root and grow. The sky is a lighthouse, and I am a small boat, waiting for us to pursue our first dream. Every time I look at the clear sky, I feel happy, very refreshed and relaxed. Looking at the white clouds hanging in the sky, I always feel that whatever I think it is, it will become something, because the cloud itself changes everything. No matter how bored I was with the people and things around me, no matter how lonely and helpless I was at the time, as long as I remember that piece of sky, it is always the most beautiful and pure. Gradually healed the unhappiness in the memory, leaving only the nostalgia and sentiment for his own growth.

`Facial mask

Facial mask is a must in my life. Applying a mask every other day was a habit I made for myself when I was 18, and I have persisted until now. I like to collect all kinds of masks, they always bring me new inspiration. Many people are inspired when they go to the bathroom, and I am applying a facial mask. A small piece of mask paper allows me to sit down to release the pressure of life and enter the most relaxed state.

`Peppermint girl

Friends said, I am a mint girl. It is sweet at the moment of the entrance, and very cool at the end. This is a metaphor for thinking that I was a very emotional person when I first met, and finally found that I was very rational. I don’t like what I owe to others, nor do I like what others owe me. I don’t like to trouble others, nor do I like others to trouble me. I don’t like intrigue, and I don’t like being calculated. Everyone only needs to be responsible to themselves, and life is perfect.

Thanks all.


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