Touch & Feel – Jasmine’s Starter Kit

Hey, this is Wenmin Zhang. It’s really thrilled to meet everyone in this course !

This is my Starter Kit, with two parts: Attitude and Necessities. I named them Touch and Feel.

  • On the left, the starter kit contains soil, leaves, wood and two wooden cup mates. As my undergraduate major is wood furniture and interior design, I mainly choose wood as my starter kit theme, because I think some characteristics of this material are very similar with my attitude to something that I want to do or creative style.

-First: Unique. Not only refers to this material, but also means that all the things created by wood are unique. Just like the two cup mates I showed above, although they have the same function, due to the wood, their color, style, pattern and even touch are completely different, which represents an independent individual.

-Second: Life and Story. Wood is different from plastic or many new materials. It has life and will change, which let me imagine. Whenever I see a wooden product, maybe furniture, building or anything, its patterns, colors and even scars give me enough imagination space to think about its experience and story and feel it. This is also my favorite process.

-Third´╝ÜCome from nature and eventually return to nature. This is also the most important point, wood is an environment-friendly material, it can bring value without wasting resource and breaking our nature.

All of these are the attitudes and representations of mine, with temperature, stories, sustainable and problem solving. The reason that I also put in the soil and leaves is I hope that we can feel them together and imagine.

  • On the right, the stater kit contains something I think is essential in course. -A laptop, which contains all the necessary software. A small recording pen, due to the limitation of language, it is very helpful for me to understand the course. A blank notebook with a pen, represents that during the study, I want to learn and explore more things to fill it in.

Finally, thanks to the great weather, the whole starter kit is bathed in the sun, which makes me think it’s a good start, and I hope it can be!

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