Chang’s Starter Kit!

#Chang’s Bag

Put stones, leaves, feathers and other elements that make up our universe in my mind to show that I want to accept and experience different cultures and thinking. I think life is about constantly meeting challenges and trying new things. Our head is round, so we can dynamically look at problems from multiple angles instead of point-to-point thinking.


There is an old saying in China that “Food is the first necessity of the people.” Enjoying delicious food is undoubtedly one of the happiest things in the world.

The design of chopsticks is also closely related to our traditional culture. One end is a circular head and the other end is a square head, so ther’re not fall down the table easily. In fact, this is consistent with the Chinese philosophy of the place, in the design of chopsticks, one end of the circle also contains cultural concepts related to sky and earth. The square part holding by hand symbolizing the ground; The circular side which will be put in the mouth symbolizing the sky.

A pair of chopsticks, bearing the feelings of China for thousands of years. I brought this one from China from my hometown. Everytime use them, I can feel the warmth of my hometown even though I am abroad.

#Translator in fantasy

This is my first time study aboard, so using English in work and life is still a challenge for me. I really hope I could overcome language barrier asap to better express myself and integrate into new life quickly. The most important is to make friend with all of you~


Obviously, I’m short sighted :D. But I’d like to say as a designer I should always be critical and do not be blinded by the surface of things. This focuses on responding to real world challenges. I should pay more attention on problem-finding and problem-setting, rather than simply seeking solutions to problems as they are currently expressed.

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