Phi for all. Georgia’s Starter Kit.

The basis of my starter kit began with the principal thought of sharing, something both students and teachers are here to do together, whether it be knowledge, skills or differing life experiences and perspectives. As a graphic designer, I wanted to share something from my world that continually inspires me, and I chose the book Golden Meaning by GraphicDesign& [Mathematics], which contains 55 graphic experiments from designers and image makers around the world, exploring this mystical, irrational and controversial number; 1.618…you can read more about Phi here.

Whether you subscribe to the broader Phi prophecy or not, I thought it was a lovely example of humankind’s interconnectedness to nature and the divinity that lies within that connection. And just as I’m sure this course will pose some unanswerable questions, irrational truths and many different opinions I think there is beauty in all these unknowns and opportunity to connect.

So, I built myself a [grid] golden rectangle, to construct my starter kit, in it you will find the following:

  • My great-grandfathers ruler – which has many units of measurement I don’t understand and have been unable to identify, which made me laugh and seemed apt at this early stage.
  • The aforementioned book – I’m excited to contribute to and watch this shared reading list grow.
  • My camera – developing my photography skills has been my 2020 resolution and I can’t wait to put it to use here.
  • My sketchbook and post-it notes – where all doodles, ramblings and ideas begin to take shape.
  • A sharpie – as I want to drop my tendency towards perfectionism and own my mistakes as part of the process – no erasing the maker pen!
  • Coffee beans – little bundles of fuel and potential I’d be lost without, loosely [as I’m not quite sure how many of us there are yet]  representative of our class.
  • A beautiful toy carousel I collected on my travels – to keep play and the curious inner child alive and centre-stage throughout this process.
  • Socks! For love and passion and to remember where it all began.

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