A SERENE START. Pujitha’s starter kit.

Hand crafted scarf

Hey, this is pujitha from India. To start with I have the colorful handcrafted scarf in my starter kit, which reminds me of all the hard work I have put in during my final project in college when I am doing my fashion designing, it helps me guide through when being stuck with the design process at some point in the present, it also throws a glimpse on my future work 🙂

Piece of Artwork

In addition to the scarf, I tried creating a collage with a cloth bag, on which I have placed hand-done white flowers to show how much white and peaceful I felt on my day one on campus, it felt so fresh and serene, Although there is a zigzag puzzle that’s happening beside this bag which represents my current situation, how confused I am entering into new place, meeting new people and getting adapted to new situations. But I tried showing the zigzag in powder pink, because I am finding the whole process beautiful.

A cute measuring tape

I have always been accompanied by a measuring tape from past 4 years. It’s just so handy and I always felt something’s missing out when I don’t have one with me, a measuring tape for me as important as clothes and a mask in these times.

Mom’s saree

It felt so good wearing my favorite mom’s saree on the first day of college, I felt so alive and purposeful to start this MA journey.

A Notebook

A notebook with a hand-painted cover page which has a leaf, a detoxifying drink bottle, a book with ” planet earth” written on it, glasses, iPod with earphones (music), and a cloth bag. From the time I know I got into this MA journey, I became more conscious about everything I am purchasing. One such example is this notebook, when I came across this book, there’s nothing that crossed my mind except how apt it would be to carry this notebook along in my MA journey and the best thing about this book is the quote at the end of each page reminding me ” Today is a happy day”. I also placed a token I received from my co classmate, on the notebook, which is a beautiful palm tree from Saudi.

Last but not the least- Emojis

I loveeeeee these ideograms, I have one in my bag every time I don’t know how to put in words how I feel. I am very active in social media platforms like Instagram and whatsapp, they help me out to put myself forward into the outer world through posts, stories, photographs, statuses etc. Cheers to the technology:))) .

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