Cecilia’s starter kit

Hello everyone! I’m Cecilia,

My starter kit is mainly composed of objects related to sustainability that I thought could be useful for the journey we have just started, but also of things that – as a true Italian – I brought in my luggage from home and remind me of my roots.

To get started, I decided to include two books to learn and draw inspiration from:

  • Eco-Visionaries – Conversations on a planet in a state of emergency it’s a series of conversations with architects, artists and designers whose practices confront the current ecological emergency and propose alternative futures for our planet.
  • Clean green it’s a handbook with tips and recipes to take care of my fresh new home here in London in a more sustainable and natural way.

The water bottle, for that as we all know it is good to always be hydrated, but it is even better to be hydrated without wasting plastic!

My notebook, to take notes and sketch out new ideas that will arise during the course.

A set of plantable pencils: at the end of each pencil there are different types of seeds (basil, thyme, chia, coriander …) so that when the pencils become too small and awkward to use, they can be planted and they will grow into small seedlings.

box cutter, to symbolise my background as an interior designer. During my Bachelor I often made scale models to physically embody my projects, the cutter, therefore, represents this particular skill that I have with all of you.

A mini repair-kit for my glasses, that literally is my second pair of eyes. I like to think that they are the tool that not only allows me to see but also improves my perspective and my point of view.

As photography is one of my biggest passion, I wanted to include also my dad’s analog camera (with an expired film). This is a totally mechanical Olympus OM-1 that he gave me to experiment with film and document this new chapter of my life here in London.

My Daruma, a Japanese lucky charm given to me by my father after returning from one of his many trips to Japan. This little doll is a symbol of perseverance and aspiration. It is usually represented with white eyes so that the receiver fills in the first eye upon setting a purpose to reach, and then complete the second eye once the goal is fulfilled. Since I have expressed my wish for this master, I hope that this Daruma will bring us luck and be a good omen for this adventure we are about to begin.

Lastly, a good trip note from my best friends.

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