Ying Luo’s Starter Kit

Hello, My name is Luo Ying, and you can also call me Lorraine, from Guangdong Province, China. Let me show you some of my starter kits.

Umbrellas — I had heard before I came to London that the weather was so changeable here that I hoped an umbrella would come in handy.

Red envelope — there are different expressions in different regions of China. In Cantonese, it is called “li shi”, which means “good”, “all goes well” and “good luck”. It’s a blessing from my family, and I brought them with me.

Fermented bean curd and instant noodles — sauces and foods from my hometown that helped me better adjust to living away from home during my first days in London.

Environmentally friendly tableware – This is a set of wheat straw made of biodegradable tableware, inside a pair of chopsticks, a spoon and a fork, can be recycled, reduce the use and consumption of disposable tableware.

Watches — I’m a bit of a procrastinator, and I want to use watches to improve my sense of time and minimize procrastination.

Dji Action Camera & small notepad — both are good things to record. I hope to use the camera to record my life and study in London in the following year, while the small notepad is very convenient for me to record my sudden ideas and inspiration.

Pictures of the sky & bottle caps I love looking at the sky and taking pictures of different skies in my spare time, as if it was a new thing to see a different sky or weather every time. In the same way, I also like to collect bottle caps, especially those from different places or with different styles on them. It is a memorable and interesting thing for me.

Eye drops & thermometers — these are the little things that make me pay attention to my health. Eye drops help me get rid of fatigue, while a thermometer reminds me to pay attention to my body, which is the capital of revolution.

Finally, I hope I can spend the following days happily and fully with you.

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