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Nowadays , nearly half of a person’s life is devoted to work, most people have similar routine, work takes most time, a small part time is under people’s control. Many people complain that they are just make a living rather than having a life, what they want is more freedom. 

Life with more freedom is definitely the life that most people are expecting, but will our world society better and people become happier in this situation? Actually, we are not sure.

What will people’s life be like? what work mode will they have in the future ? Will they still work like a machine or have more freedom? Let’s see what will happen in 2065…


LiveLife Company in 2065

Hello, guys! welcome to 2065

Good morning, everyone! I am John, the executive of LiveLife Company. LiveLife is a newly established technology and innovation company in 2065, which offers flexible working times. 

Have you been bored with traditional 8-hour working mode? Do you want more freedom? Then you can join us! In our company, you are free to arrange your working time. You only need to work for 6 hours a week. Generally, 3 days a week, 2 hours per day. The rest time is completely at your disposal. Not only that, you’ll get paid more than any other regular employee.

How to work in IiveLife Company?

That’s because our company invent a new set of brain connections, it can replace traditional communication way– through language. Now, employees just need to wear this device, then information can be transmitted through brains directly. This mode can dramatically increase the working efficiency. 

The brain connected to the machine will always working in high speed mode, so we recommend no more than two or two hours per day.

While, there is also some side effects. The high efficiency work mode will cause some damage to your brain and influence your lifespan, generally if you work in this mode for 4 years, it will reduce the lifespan of a year; But it is also up to you to some extent; If you manage your life well and live in an active and healthy way, the side effects will reduce and even disappear. But if you live in passive and lazy way, you may also exacerbate the negative effects.

LiveLife Company Evaluation System

Because our company is the first company who create this new work mode, actually we don’t know whether it is a better work mode compared with traditional 8-hour work mode from a long term. So we establish an Evaluation System to evaluate your whole life from four areas: Physical Health, Mental Health, Social Value and Personal Value. These four parts contain all the life meanings from society and individual perspectives.

When you are nearly at the end of your life, you have the chance useour Evaluation System and you can get a life report.


A special LIFE REPORT for you

After many years

Our company has run for many years, and we also have made many life reports to our employees. Here are two specific reports examples of our employees.

Steven’s Life Report

After graduating from, school, Steven came to our company and worked until he retired. He worked two hours a day, three days a week, as recommended by the company;

Here is his life report

Notice: Steven died when he was 76 years old. This picture was taken when he was 75 years old

Steven is a very self-disciplined and excellent man. He has many hobbies, such as traveling and reading books. In his spare time, he did a lot of things to enrich his life and improve himself. So we can find Steven has a high overall score and he can ranks Top 31%.

Steven has a good physical condition. Although this kind of work mode tends to cause some damage to his physical health, he did a lot of sports and have a healthy diet. The side effect has been reduced and he has a 75 score for final physical health.

Steven has an excellent mental health condition (90 score). This work mode gives him enough freedom and he doesn’t have work pressure problem. He can do many things he would like to do.

Besides working in LiveLife Company, Steven also sets up a cafe shop because he likes chatting and making friends with others. He is also a very kind person and helps some families in some poor areas. He brings a lot of economic and love value to our society.

Work in LiveLife Company and running a cafe make Steven earn and save a lot of money. He goes out to travel with his friends once a month to boarded his horizons. He also read books to improve himself. At the same time, he is very disciplined. He has a health diet and exercises every day. So he brings a lot of value to himself including money, pleasure, love and knowledge.

Christina’s Life Report

A Summary for Christina’s life report

Christina is a very smart woman, she came to our company after her undergraduate study; But Christina is not a very self-disciplined person. After work, she spends most of her time online playing games, and most of the money she earns is spent on games to buy game equipment. And she didn’t follow the company’s best advice. She worked every day when she was short of money, sometimes four hours a day, which causes huge damage to his physical health. Besides, she often plays games every day and night, eats take-away food and never does exercises. So we can find she has bad scores for all four areas especially the physical health and personal value.


From our company’s different employee experience and life evaluation report, we can see that in such a free working mode, some people live a more wonderful life, while others have a more bleak life. So what will your life be like if you join our company one day?

And also we have to think about this question: Is life with more freedom better or worse? Nowadays most people have similar routine, they have to work for most of their life and only a small part time is under people’s control. But if one day people do not need to work for such a long time, most time is under people’s control, they have more freedom, what will happen? There will be bigger and bigger difference between people ‘s life such as Steven and Christina in our narrative. Some people are positive and they can arrange their life better while the others are very negative and waste a lot of time. That’s also why our company set up the life repot to evaluate people’s life so that we can find the meaning of people’s life and find which work mode is better to individual and our society from a long term.

Nowadays, many people often complain they do not have their own life and want more freedom. If one day our dream comes true, how might we balance freedom and working? How might we choose living or life? what will our society be like?

We hope our project can raise your thinking about this topic. Thank you for your time.

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