Another me:


I don’t know if you heard about the COVID-19 pandemic which upended the most basic tenets of social life and the economy a hundred years ago.

Back in those days, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube were the primary ways of people interacting with and making sense of the world.

But at that time, these platforms hid behind the fiction of “neutrality”—that sorting news feeds by what people liked and shared the most, would result in the ultimate democracy. Not only was that fiction wrong, but it was also dangerous. It fuelled the mass spread of disinformation, polarization, and the ultimate breakdown of truth—a breakdown that’s made it harder to agree on obvious threats like COVID-19.

At the same time, due to the stagnation of economic development, the intensification of class and race conflicts, and the prevalence of the movement for safeguarding rights around the world, there were increasing incidents of resistance and violence. People were facing the dual threat of physical and mental health problems; attention spans decreased because people were inundated with information. They spent too much time online, often devouring fake and biased items. They grew hateful of each other rather than closer in understanding. Negative and harmful ideologies had platforms that could reach much farther.

Media and other related industries ignored moral standards, indulged, or even promoted the development of this situation in order to gain increased sales and clicks. The government also had no regulatory measures, and they even deliberately let the international offensive of public opinion spread, deepening the national resentment, so as to achieve the purpose of calming down and transferring the dissatisfaction of our own people. Governments, industries, and hackers all benefited from data integration and sharing involving other people’s personal privacy.

There was little analytical reflection from individuals or even the whole society, and the situation got worse.

Let’s go back to 2120, a world where wars continue, laws fail, violence is advocated, black and evil forces and leaders of heresy are followed by fanatics. The people are still unbridled to vent their anger, reach their selfish desires, use and be used, and lose their basic morality and right and wrong views.

In my world, there is a great scientific and technological product, which is a transparent loop covering the eyes. Wearing it will not affect one’s vision, but it can rationalize and activate any information you hear and help to express your mind more decisively. More and more people choose to wear it actively to escape the truth, and cruel facts, and blindly follow the information they want to hear and express it recklessly……

Do you want to visit my world?

Another you in the world



Another me:


Coincidentally, the world I live in also had a similar history a hundred years ago. The plague was rampant, the economic development was stagnant, the class and race contradictions were intensified, the rights movement was prevalent all over the world, resistance and violence, and people were submerged in the flood of information at the same time.

But the difference is that the government began to release information through official channels, banned relevant media platforms, and prohibited people from discussing any social event on the Internet platform. People’s interaction is becoming more and more isolated, and knowledge and understanding are becoming more and more balkanized. The government has put forward some standards and policies, such as resolutely putting an end to public gatherings and processions, and forbidding domestic citizens Free entry and exit, it is also not allowed to discuss or express dissatisfaction openly on the Internet platform……

Let’s go back to the moment in 2120, when countries are isolated from each other, and the system is rigid like an old machine, with huge class differences and prevailing monitoring. The cultural form is single, subculture is blocked, programs and publications are strictly controlled, individuals have no right to use the Internet, people lose personality……

In my world, there is also a great scientific and technological product, which is a transparent loop covering the ears and mouth. Wearing it is equivalent to automatically shielding the real voice and giving up the right to express for the truth. Nevertheless, more and more people are eager to wear it, because wearing it means becoming a member of the system’s supporters, even though the bondage is so thorough……

Do you want to visit my world?

Another you in the world



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